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CTA Certification Exam

The CTA Certification Exam is the set of exam modules needed to obtain the TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst Certification. The exams are written one after another in sequence.

CTA Certification is a very strong indication of the strength of your knowledge of telecommunications: the whole story, and the big picture. This type of knowledge allows you to perform analysis, write reports, make recommendations... be a Telecommunications Analyst. Analyst positions pay more than programmer positions.

With CTA Certification, you get a certificate suitable for framing, plus a personalized letter of introduction you can attach to your résumé explaining the very serious knowledge skills you have.

The TCO CTA Certification Exam is the final exam and certification for this Teracom training:
   Course 101 Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
   CTA Certification Package
   Textbook Telecom 101

It is not necessary to take Teracom training courses to obtain your TCO CTA Certification. You may also use your existing knowledge to pass the exams and obtain your CTA Certification.