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Be among the first worldwide to get the new version 10 Certified Ethical Hacker CEHv10 cybersecurity course and certification!  For only USD$1950

CEHv10 cybersecurity certification Teracom's CEH BOOT CAMP April 9-13 in Vancouver will be one of the first opportunities worldwide to get the CEHv10 credential.

Attend for only US$1950 = C$2495, with promo code.  Details below.
Cybersecurity and Network Security Training and Certification
Teracom's CEHv10 BOOT CAMPs will be among the first opportunities worldwide to get the new CEHv10 cybersecurity course and certification. Attend in Vancouver, Ottawa, Santa Clara, Toronto, Washington DC
 •  Promo code: save $500.  CEHv10 BOOT CAMP for only C$2495 = US$1950!
 •  Invitation to live Cyber Capability Talk by CEO of EC-Council March 14
 •  About Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Network Defender (CND)
Telecom for Non-Engineers Training and Certification
Our famous "telecom for non-engineers" training is for professionals who need to fill the gaps, understand telecom jargon, buzzwords, technologies, the underlying ideas... and how it all fits together.
 •  Online courses
 •  TCO Certifications: CTNS, CTA, CWA
 •  Instructor-led training seminars
 •  Video courses
 •  Textbooks and study guides
About Teracom Training Institute
Cybersecurity and Network Security Training and Certification
CEHv10 cybersecurity certification


silicon valley - santa clara


washington dc
Certified Ethical Hacker Cybersecurity Course - New Version CEHv10
Vancouver April 9-13
Ottawa May 28 - June 1
Santa Clara May 14-18
Toronto June 11-15
Washington DC August 6-10

Teracom will be among the first worldwide to offer the new Certified Ethical Hacker CEH version 10 course at five-day CEH BOOT CAMPs.

Certified Ethical Hacker is the oldest and best-known cybersecurity course and certification, teaching your network and security personnel the tools and techniques used by hackers to break into an organization, to be able to find problems and fix them before they happen.

Our courses are superior to others, including a real instructor and real classmates, printed course materials, drinks and snacks, the CEH exam in-class - and free exam pass insurance - for only $2995.

Promo code: save $500 with coupon 1264. Final price: C$2495 = US$1950!
Be among the first worldwide to get the new credential!

Please register early.
The unheard-of low price of US$1950 = C$2495 for CEHv10 in-person BOOT CAMP is limited to the first five paid registrations for the Vancouver April 9-13 session. Payment required immediately. No refunds with this offer.

Compare to US$4995 from others offering inferior screen-based virtual classrooms, electronic materials and no exam insurance, and you will agree this is a great deal.

We can also come to you for a private course at your location.
Please contact us anytime for more information.

CEHv10 cybersecurity certification Invitation to Cyber Capability Talk by EC-Council President March 14

I am very excited to personally invite you to EC-Council's upcoming event on March 14 at 7:00 am PST / 10:00 am EST, "Scaling the Unscalable Mountain of Cyber Capability" with EC-Council President and CEO, Jay Bavisi:

 1) New Updates and Innovations from EC-Council
 2) Overcoming Cyber Challenges in the Next 10 Years
 3) Meeting the Growing Talent Demands in the Industry

Please do not miss this opportunity to be part of this live session and the first to see EC-Council's new technology and approach to meet the Cybersecurity demands of tomorrow. I guarantee you that this will be worth every minute of your time, and I would encourage you to not only invite everyone from your organization but also your contacts in the industry.

Click here for a brief video overview and registration instructions for the event

CEHv10 cybersecurity certification Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training and Certification

This famous course from EC-Council is the world's most widely-recognized cybersecurity training and certification program, teaching your network and security personnel the advanced tools and techniques used by hackers to break into an organization.

They will be able to scan, test, hack and secure your own systems, using the same tools and methods the attackers are using.
 • Being able to do full penetration testing of your organization's systems
 • Knowing how to secure against the vulnerabilities that will surely be found
 • Doing so before less ethical hackers mount an attack on you
... not just an invaluable asset to have, it is a necessary one.

Get a better idea of CEH watching this recording of a CEH introduction webinar
See where CEH fits into required DoD Cyber Workforce certifications

CND cybersecurity certification Certified Network Defender (CND) Cybersecurity Course & Certification

Teracom also offers the Certified Network Defender (CND) course and certification, a vendor-neutral, hands-on, instructor-led comprehensive network security certification training program for network administrators, network technicians and network engineers enabling them to protect, detect, and respond to threats on their networks.

Taking the CND course, your personnel will
 •  know the tools and methods the attackers are using
 •  be able to design the network to protect your systems against attacks
 •  be able to detect when an attack is being mounted, and
 •  respond to attacks to defend your network in real-time.

Please contact us for more information.

Telecommunications Training and Certification

Teracom has a worldwide reputation for excellence explaining telecom technologies to non-engineers who need a comprehensive update and overview, as well as for newcomers who need to get up to speed quickly.

Since 1992, we've spent thousands of hours developing and refining extremely valuable telecommunications training, Voice over IP (VoIP) and SIP training, and IP telecom training courses containing knowledge that spans years of university education, hands-on engineering, consulting and interaction with the biggest companies in the business.

We've organized and distilled this knowledge into proven training courses that consistently draws rave reviews from people like you - needing to build a solid base of knowledge, understand the jargon and buzzwords, fill in the gaps and understand mainstream technologies and trends... and how it all fits together.

We'll start at the beginning, cut through the jargon, bust the buzzwords, and without bogging down on technical details explain telecom technologies, standard practices and mainstream trends.

Choose the delivery format that best meets your needs:

online courses Online Courses

Teracom's high-quality online courses are delivered in Google Chrome or Puffin browsers on any Windows or mac desktop or laptop, iPad, android tablet or phone with an internet connection... to any number of people, anywhere, anytime.

Ideal self-paced "telecom for non-engineers" training, courses are divided into lessons. Stay on a lesson for as long as you like, move to the next lesson and write the course exam only when ready. Unlimited repeats. 30-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.

TCO CTNS Certification TCO Certifications

Upgrade your knowledge - and your CV - with high-quality training courses by Teracom Training Institute coupled with TCO Certification from the Telecommunications Certification Organization.

TCO Certifications are available bundled with Online Courses, bundled with Instructor-Led Seminars and bundled with Video Courses. Certifications can also be purchased independently.

telecom datacom and networking for non-engineers Instructor-Led Training Seminars

Live, in-person training, where you can ask questions and interact, is the best you can get.

Discuss and understand the latest technology and industry news in-class. At lunch, you can discuss your situation with class members, and find out what others are implementing. Attendees often network and go to dinner together.

Being in a classroom, with an expert instructor, also ensures that you will stay focused, and learn.

Thousands of people have attended Teracom seminars and rated them 'excellent'. Join us!

video courses Video Courses

Teracom's video training courses are high-quality multimedia productions featuring the instructor, extensive animated graphics and bullets. Like private lessons from the Director of the Institute!

Our top instructor Eric Coll talks to you directly via the camera, using his vast experience and acclaimed ability to explain key concepts, mainstream technologies and how it all fits together – in plain English.

Available on DVD or USB.

Every Video Course comes with a printed course book containing copies of all graphics and detailed notes, sure to be a valuable reference for years to come.

telecom 101 textbook Textbooks and Study Guides

Packed with information, authoritative, up to date, covering all major topics – and written in plain English – Teracom textbooks are study guides and invaluable day-to-day reference handbooks.

Telecom 101 is the Certification Study Guide for the TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) telecommunications certification, covering all material required for the CTA Certification Exam.

Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers is the CTNS Study Guide, corresponding exactly to the CTNS courses. Available in print or eBook.

Click any icon or call us 1-877-412-2700 to find out more. Get started today!
About Teracom Training Institute
Teracom Training Institute has been in business since 1992, with offices in the US and Canada. We have built a reputation for quality and excellence over more than 20 years providing training to hundreds of companies including AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada, TELUS, Rogers, Shaw, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm, the CIA, NSA, IRS, FAA, US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force, CRTC, Government of Canada and DND, to name a few.

Our courses are top-notch, top-quality and right up to date with the topics and knowledge you need. We hold a GSA contract for providing training to the US Government, your assurance of vetted quality and value.

Our reputation for excellence has been built on explaining telecom technologies to non-engineers who need a comprehensive update and overview, as well as to newcomers who need to get up to speed quickly.

As the converged telecom network has been realized, where voice, video, data and internet traffic is all carried in IP packets, network security and cyber security has become an inseparable part of telecom. Building on our telecom training, we offer the world's most widely-recognized Certified Ethical Hacker cybersecurity course and certification, as well as the Certified Network Defender (CND).

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GSA Contract Holder
Teracom Training Institute USA: 4625 W Nevso Drive, Suite 2, Las Vegas NV 89103
Teracom Training Institute Canada: 303 Saint-Denis Avenue, Saint-Lambert, Montreal QC J4P 2G5