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Teracom DVD Video Training Courses
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  Get up to speed and fill the gaps on telecom, datacom, networking, IP, MPLS, VoIP and wireless at your own pace.
  Teracom's DVD video training courses are high-quality multimedia productions featuring the instructor, extensive animated graphics and bullets.
  Like private lessons from the Director of the Institute!
Our top instructor Eric Coll talks to you directly via the camera, using his vast experience and acclaimed ability to explain key concepts, mainstream technologies and how it all fits together
- in plain English.
  Our goal is to bust the buzzwords, explain the jargon and instill structured understanding - knowledge that lasts a lifetime.
  Every course comes with a comprehensive workbook with
copies of all graphics and detailed reference notes,
sure to be a valuable reference for years to come. 
  Online courses and certifications are included
at no extra charge with the DVD video courses.
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Thousands of organizations have purchased our video sets!  
Order this invaluable addition to your training library today. Join our satisfied customers including:
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“Eric was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He was able to break down complex concepts into understandable components and effectively illustrate the concepts with real life analogies. Eric has an exceptionally good sense of humor which he used effectively to keep things lively.” — Scott S., Cornell University 
Core Training
Based on our most popular instructor-led Course 101, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers, the set of five "core training" DVD video courses V1 - V5 puts a structured understanding of telecommunications and IP networking in place, establishing a solid base of fundamentals, explaining the buzzwords, jargon and mainstream technologies. and how it all fits together -- in plain English.
V1 Fundamentals of Telecom 1
The PSTN • Telephony • Telecom Equipment • The Telecom Industry
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V2 Fundamentals of Telecom 2
Voice Digitization • DS0-DS3 • Digital Transmission and TDM • T1 • T3 • ISDN • SONET
Fiber and DWDM
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V3 Fundamentals of Datacom and Networking
WANs and LANs • MAC Frames vs. IP Packets • The Network "Cloud"
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V4 Understanding Networking 1
OSI Layers • Protocol Stacks • The FedEx Analogy
IP Addressing, DHCP, NAT • Bandwidth on Demand Services • Frame Relay • ATM • MPLS
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V5 Understanding Networking 2
The Internet • ISPs • The Web • IP Security • Viruses • Firewalls • Encryption • IPsec • VPNs
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Wireless Training
Teracom’s new DVD6 Wireless is a complete course covering fundamentals, mobile and fixed wireless.
Part 1 begins the course with radio and spectrum fundamentals. Part 2 provides comprehensive coverage of mobile communications: cellular principles, digital voice, data over cellular, mobile Internet access, the technologies: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and OFDM, and the generations: 2G GSM, 3G 1X, UMTS and HSPA and 4G LTE. Part 3 rounds out your knowledge with fixed wireless: lessons on Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi security, WiMAX, satellite and more.
Over 3 hours long and including 28 lessons, this video course provides you with a real understanding of how digital radio communications works, how a cellular network operates, the cellular technologies and generations, plus WiFi, Bluetooth, satellite and much more.
V6 Understanding Wireless
Radio Fundamentals • Spectrum • Digital • Mobile Network Components and Operation • Cellular Principles • Digital Voice
Data • Mobile Internet • Cellular Technologies • TDMA • CDMA • OFDM • Generations • 2G GSM • 3G 1X • UMTS • HSPA
4G LTE • Fixed Wireless • Bluetooth • WiFi • WiFi Security • Encryption • WiMAX • Point-to-Point Microwave • Satellite
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VoIP Training
Based on our very popular instructor-led Course 130 Voice over IP, V8, V9 and V10 are a set of three DVD video courses that explain Voice over IP from top to bottom and front to back. These courses are designed for those who need to get up to speed, understand what VoIP is all about, separate hype from reality, understand the buzzwords and jargon, sort out the protocols, standards, architectures and understand mainstream solutions.
V8 Understanding Voice over IP 1
Components • Standards • Architectures
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V9 Understanding Voice over IP 2
Voice Packetization • Voice Quality • Codecs, Jitter and Packet Loss
MPLS • Network QoS and Service Level Agreements
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V10 Understanding Voice over IP 3
SIP and IP Call Flow • Carrier Interconnect • Megaco
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CPE credits
CTA Certification free with product V530 Full Library CTA Certification free with product V530 Full Library
Technical level and intended audience
Our seminars have been taught to wide acclaim across North America since 1992 and are designed for the non-engineering professional needing an overview and update, and for those new to the business needing to get up to speed quickly on telecommunications, datacom, IP and networking.
Our emphasis is conveying the key concept-level knowledge in plain English - which you can't get reading trade magazines or talking to vendors. We put in place a solid, valuable and long-lasting understanding. It is our goal to bust the buzzwords, demystify the jargon, and cut through the doubletalk to present a clear, cohesive picture.
The flexible training solution
These dual-purpose DVD courses can be displayed on a television or LCD projector for group training, or played in a desktop or laptop PC for individual self-paced training. Navigation menus on the DVD allow you to jump directly to topics, so you can watch one segment at a time - or watch start to finish like instructor-led training.
Pricing and packages
We are offering some very special pricing packages:
Our core training package 1 (V1-V5) is US$329 for the set of five DVD courses,
five detailed workbooks.
Add wireless for core training package 2 (V1-V6):
$369 for six DVDs with detailed workbooks.  details
The VoIP courses (V8-V10) are $259 for the set of all three VoIP DVD courses,
plus three detailed workbooks

Or get the full library - all our courses plus over $2000 worth of bonuses for $629
package details    bonus items

Compare this to $500 for one course elsewhere, and you'll agree that this is a very good deal. PLUS, our courses are up-to-date, authoritative, and packed with information. Add to this the high-quality student manual / textbook for each course, the exercises and certificate suitable for framing...
For more information, please refer to online ordering or printed order form or printable brochure.
Contact us for details on pricing for lending libraries and educational institution in-class use.
You may also want to check current specials.
Are you wondering: "Should we get the DVDs or the online courses?"
That's an easy one to answer: get both!
Buy a DVD package, and we'll throw in the online courses and CTNS certification for five people for free!
Free Bonus!  
Online Courses and Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist Certification
online telecom and networking courses
At no extra charge, you get the Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) Certification Package - Unlimited Plan, which is the full set of Teracom's Online Courses - for up to five people! $789 value, yours free. details
If you choose to write the optional Online Course exams, you will earn TCO CTNS certification, complete with certificate suitable for framing and letter of reference.
Free Bonus!
Telecommunications Certification Organization CTA Certification included
online telecom and networking courses
With the Full Library, the prestigious Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) Certification for five people is also included as a free bonus!
information on certification   writing the exam
CTA Certification is the "final exam" for the Full Library. If you write the optional exam online, you earn Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) certification
Certified Telecommunications Analyst, with certificate suitable for framing.
Full list of bonus items you get with the Full Library  
Course completion certificate
In addition to the multi-course Certification Packages, course completion certificates are available for anyone purchasing individual DVDs or any package. Each course has an online knowledge evaluation test. Upon successfully completing the test, each student with a workbook may receive a certificate suitable for framing.
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"Best I've ever seen"
This has been the best program I've ever seen. The instructor on the DVD is fun and charismatic, and the booklets are great as well.
I would most definitely recommend other people buy the courses.

Adele Toral
Account Executive
Bayside NY

"I highly recommend the DVD series"
Excellent training series: The instructor intermixes a concise, easy to understand, unique presentation style with a twist of humor to keep it interesting. Eric uses easy to understand analogies to relate high-tech ideas in a way everyone can understand. This is an excellent, one stop, de-facto resource not only for training but also for the reference library.
Tim Eggenberger
Quality Engineer, Adtran
Huntsville AL
"This type of quality builds my faith in humanity"
Worth every nanocent. I have watched seven DVDs since I got them three days ago (bought 9)—which basically means that I am doing nothing else. Very impressed with the clarity and structure of the material. I will never take another class where the moron in the front holds everyone back. So, make more videos.
Would you recommend that other people buy these courses? Would you buy them again?
Were the courses useful?

Very useful refresher. Very impressed that they are up to date. This type of quality builds my faith in humanity.

Which did you get?

All of them.

Was the content what you needed?

Everything that I wasn't sure about is clear now—about VOIP and telecom. As a LAN guy, I used to be real quiet during telecom discussions. Now I can contribute with confidence.

How was the production quality?

Excellent. No unnecessary bells and whistles to distract us.

Did you like the multimedia experience, with the instructor, graphics and bullets layered together?


How did you watch them? On a PC? On a television? In a group?

I watched them with my dogs on my PC, and on my 57 inch when I needed to relax.

Well done!! I would love to shake Eric’s hand.
– Nathan Hunt
Dallas GA
Thank you, Nathan.
Consider it shaken.
- EC
"I've recommended to other people that they buy these courses"
Very good production quality. The graphics and bullets are a great asset to the learning process. The content was good. I've recommended to other people that they buy these courses.
Claudia Coleman
Kansas City MO
"Got the job!"
I just wanted to say thanks for your VoIP DVD video course set. After taking your course,
I had my interview.
At the interview, I was actually able to dazzle the CEO of this company my SIP/VoIP knowledge!
I got the job and have been doing rather well.
My family appreciates the better opportunity I was able to attain because of your training.
Senior VoIP Sales Rep
Los Angeles CA
Cinema-quality video, animated bullets, plenty of crisp graphics, navigation menus and more - plus DVDs are convenient and easy to pass around in your department.
Each course comes complete with a high-quality bound student manual with a laminated cover, copies of all bullets and graphics plus extensive text notes - sure to be a valuable reference for years.
Every course includes an online knowledge evaluation test and certificate signed by the Director suitable for framing.
We'll ship your DVDs and student manuals to you for free by ground within the US 48 contiguous states and 10 Canadian provinces.
DVDs mean guaranteed to play in your laptop, ideal to watch with headphones on a flight.
DVDs also play in DVD players - connect it to your LCD projector and you've got a very high value-added scenario for your organization. We'll bundle books and certificates for everyone at a reasonable price.
The Table of Contents of each DVD is a hyperlinked point-and-click menu, letting you jump to specific lessons... or watch start-to-finish like instructor-led training.
"The DVD Course is Excellent"
The best in telecom training indeed. You will be satisfied with NO regrets at all because when Eric explains you will understand (I guarantee you that).
Now I can see better what telecommunication was, is and its future is like.
A must have for the reference library collection as well. Thank you.
John M.,
Solomon Telekom
"Really great"
The instructor was really great. Kept my interest. All of it was great and worked well together. If someone can't go to the course in person, the DVDs are the next best thing.
Susan Clements-Anderson
Halifax NS
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