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2225 SIP Trunking & Carrier Connections

SIP Trunking & Carrier Connections is all about connecting to carriers to communicate VoIP phone calls, both carrier-to-carrier connections and business-to-carrier SIP trunking.

You'll learn how currently the only way for a competitive carrier to terminate a phone call on a Local Exchange Carrier to connect a VoIP call to someone with POTS is at the DS0 level using a gateway. We'll understand why this will be a native VoIP connection in the future, and the role of Session Border Controllers. Then we'll understand how a business can connect to the telephone system using a gateway and PBX trunks, and the advantages of the newer SIP Trunking services for business to PSTN connection.

Course Lessons
1 Introduction + Carrier-Carrier Connection via DS0
2 Carrier-Carrier VoIP Interconnection
3 Session Border Controllers
4 Business PSTN Connection using PBX Trunks and Gateway
5 Softswitch Controlling the Gateway
6 SIP Trunking: Native VoIP Connection

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 130, tuned and refined over the course of over 20 years of instructor-led training, you will gain career- and productivity-enhancing knowledge of how connections are made to carriers, both for business-PSTN connections and carrier-carrier connections.