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About Teracom Training Institute
At Teracom, we concentrate on one thing: telecommunications training for non-engineers.
This way, we can bring you the best!
Our specialty is explaining telecom technologies to non-engineers who need a comprehensive update and overview, as well as for newcomers who need to get up to speed quickly.
Since 1992, we've spent thousands of hours developing and refining extremely valuable telecommunications training, VoIP training and IP telecom training courses containing knowledge that spans years of university education, hands-on engineering, consulting and interaction with the biggest companies in the business.
We've organized and distilled this knowledge into proven training courses that consistently draws rave reviews from people like you - needing to build a solid base of knowledge, understand the jargon and buzzwords, fill in the gaps and understand mainstream technologies and trends... and how it all fits together.
We'll start at the beginning, cut through the jargon, bust the buzzwords, sort out technologies and provide an understanding of mainstream trends and practical cost-effective solutions... without bogging down on technical details.
You can benefit from this career-enhancing telecommunications training by attending one of our public seminars, taking our online courses, registering for a TCO Certification Package, ordering our DVD-video courses, bringing our instructor to your company for private onsite team training, with our printed textbooks and eBooks.
We provide instructor-led training seminars on Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers (Course 101), BOOT CAMP: TELECOM 2017 (Course 110), Telecom 111 (Course 111), Understanding Wireless (Course 120), Understanding Voice over IP / VoIP (Course 130) and customized programs for onsite training, plus video and DVD courses, reference books and elearning.
Want to know more? Here are six reasons to take Teracom training. Read reviews from seminar attendees. Check out our public seminars, DVD video courses, textbooks, online courses and private onsite training.
To get a better idea of the quality and technical level of our training:
  Check out our free tutorials. Each tutorial corresponds to one page from the course materials, covering one key concept, and represents five to fifteen minutes of in-class discussion. Not only are the tutorials useful, they are actual pages from our course materials, to let you see for yourself the very high quality of our training. Video tutorials are actual segments from the DVD-video courses.
Join us for this career-enhancing training!
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