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book T101 Telecom 101

Telecom 101

CTA Study Guide and High-Quality Reference Book
Covering All Major Telecommunications Topics... in Plain English.

Packed with information, authoritative, up to date, covering all major topics - and written in plain English - Telecom 101 is also an invaluable textbook and day-to-day reference on telecom.

Telecom 101 is also the Certification Study Guide for the Telecommunications Certification Organization TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) telecommunications certification, covering all material required for the CTA Certification Exam.

7" x 9" softcover book • 488 pages • 4th edition • published 2016
ISBN 9781894887038 (print)   ISBN 9781894887786 (eBook)

5-star rating on amazon Best Book on the Market for Telecom, 6 stars

By Amazon Customer on August 6, 2017                
Format: Paperback | Verified Purchase
This is by far and away the best book for someone in the telecom field who works with these products on a daily basis. There is no other book that I have found that addresses these concepts in a clear and relevant manner. I work for AT&T and trust me, this book is on point.

It is also meaningful for someone interested in learning about telecom. The author starts the book by providing an overview of telecom and how it relates to modern technologies in use today.

Not only is the information extremely relevant and well written, the author is humorous and uses great real world examples to validate his points. A must read!!

5-star rating on amazon Exceptional Book

By Boruch T. on July 26, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase
It's an EXCEPTIONAL book. it explains EVERYTHING in Telecom in such plain easy to understand English. From Binary codes to how carriers perform COS and QOS by MPLS everything was explained thoroughly and easy language. Its a must for anybody that plans on dealing with telecom.

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book T4210 CTNS Study Guide

Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers

CTNS Certification Study Guide
Self-Study and Reference Book

Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers is the Study Guide for the TCO Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) telecommunications certification, and the companion reference textbook for Teracom online CTNS training courses

This book is ideal for self-study and reference, delivering the core knowledge needed in telecommunications today: fundamental concepts and jargon, the PSTN, wireless telecommunications, the OSI model and Layers, Ethernet, IP packets, IP addresses, networks and routers, MPLS, carrier networks and carrier services.

7" x 9" softcover book • 362 pages • published September 2013
ISBN 9781894887052 (print)   ISBN 9781894887069 (eBook)

5-star rating on amazon Parallels the Teracom CTNS Course. Highly recommended!

By Amazon Customer Chris on March 19, 2017                
Format: Paperback | Verified Purchase
This book parallels the CTNS (Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist) certification offered by If you need to know the basics of telecom and IT networking, I highly recommend it!

5-star rating on amazon This is a "must-have" book in every technical library!

By W. Guest. on June 29, 2015
Format: Perfect Paperback  
This is an excellent overview of Telecom, Datacom, and Networking.

Eric Coll is an articulate, thoughtful technical writer with an obvious mastery of this challenging field, and he brings all his skill to bear in this book.

For such a broad technical coverage, the book avoids skipping over critical points, and provides an in-depth look as appropriate to allow you to put everything into proper perspective, and to relate how each technology works with the others.

There are a number of excellent analogies, some neat history, and overall, a simply excellent structure. Easy to read, memorable, and chock-full of information.

I hesitate to call books brilliant, but this is about as close to that as it comes.
Very, very highly recommended!

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CWA Study Guide
CWA Study Guide
CWA Study Guide

Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA)
Course Books & Study Guides

CWA Course 2231 Wireless Fundamentals
CWA Course 2232 Mobile Communications
CWA Course 2233 Fixed Wireless

Written in Teracom's signature "telecom for non-engineers" style, these three 8.5" x 11" format books are the course books and study guides for the Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA) certification .

On their own, they are a great self-study guide for anyone wanting to understand wireless communications:

  • 2231 Wireless Fundamentals: the fundamentals of how radio works and how we actually communicate 1s and 0s using radios. ISBN 9781894887847
  • 2232 Mobile Communications: cellular, the basic concepts of mobility, the technologies: FDMA, TDMA/GSM, CDMA and OFDM and the generations: 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. ISBN 9781894887007
  • 2233 Fixed Wireless: wireless technologies that do not include mobility, particularly 802.11 WiFi wireless LANs, Bluetooth and others ISBN 9781894887021

Without bogging down on technical details, you will understand the fundamental concepts and basics behind mobility and wireless communications: the ideas, technology, jargon and buzzwords, and most importantly, how it all fits together.

5-star rating on amazon Excellent

By Google Play Customer Donald Black on September 15, 2015                                  
Format: eBook  
Review of course book for Teracom's Course 2231 "Wireless Fundamentals", which is part of the coursework for the TCO Certified Wireless Analyst (CWA) telecommunications certification.

This is an excellent little introduction to the fundamentals of wireless and radio, explaining general principles, analog radio, digital radio and how modems work amongst other topics.

I found it most useful to view it in two-page layout. This way, it looks like one of Teracom's printed course books, with the notes on the left side and the diagrams and bullets on the right.

Teracom has graciously made this book downloadable and printable.

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