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August 21 – 25  Washington DC
   • A Full Week of Professional Training for only $1995
   • Telecom, Datacom, IP, Networking and VoIP from A-Z
   • Certification and Bonus Online Courses Included
   • Teracom Best-of-Breed Quality
boot camp
BOOT CAMP is core training Course 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers and VoIP Course 130 Understanding Voice over IP back-to-back in one week at a discounted price.
Seize this opportunity to get up to speed and fill in the gaps.
You'll have an advantage over the competition with this career-enhancing knowledge of telecom, datacom, networking, IP, MPLS and VoIP. You'll be more effective and less frustrated, understanding the ensemble of communications technologies, the jargon, buzzwords and how it all works together.  how to register
This is an easy sell with management.
Your increased efficiency, productivity and informed decision-making will repay the cost of the training many times over. Plus, you benefit from a special discount, and get the free bonus Online Courses, CTNS and CTA Certifications, making it an unbeatable value.
This is the 5-day BOOT CAMP that hundreds of people have attended over the years. Take this BOOT CAMP to get up to speed on the whole telecom and networking picture from A to Z, beginning with POTS and the PSTN, progressing through wireless telecom, data communications, The Cloud, Ethernet LANs, IP networking, MPLS, the Internet, to Voice over IP fundamentals, SIP and SIP Trunking, VoIP systems and applications and project management.
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boot camp
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: our acclaimed core training
Course 101: Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers.
Covering everything from A-Z, you'll fill in the gaps and build a solid, structured understanding:
Day 1: Fundamentals of Telecom
· PSTN, loops and trunks, telecom equipment, telecom industry, digital, channelized TDM, fiber, wireless
Day 2: Understanding Datacom
· Datacom fundamentals, circuit types, packets and frames, modems, DSL, cable, the "Cloud", Ethernet LANs
Day 3: Understanding IP and Networking
· OSI Layers, protocol stacks, IP addressing, IPv6, routers, carrier packet networks, Frame Relay, MPLS, Internet
Thursday and Friday: VoIP
Course 130: Understanding Voice over IP.  Building on the fundamentals of Course 101,
you'll learn about everything VoIP from concepts and components to case studies and project management.
Day 4: VoIP Fundamentals
· VoIP components, standards and jargon, architectures, SIP and call flow, convergence and applications
Day 5: Nuts and Bolts, Readiness and Project Management
· Codecs, voice quality, RTP, carriers, then readiness assessment, case studies, vendors and project management
How to register for BOOT CAMP and get the $395 discount
Get BOOT CAMP - a full week of professional training for only $1995 - save $395.
Compare to $4995 elsewhere!
Method 1: register online, using coupon #1073
In "Seminar Registration - Step 1", select Courses 101 and 130.
In Step 2, choose sessions that are in the same week.
In Step 3, enter 1073 in the coupon field.
In Step 4, you'll see two courses and a $395 discount, making the total $1995.
Method 2: call us at 1-877-412-2700 or +1 450 923 2700.  We're happy to help.

Attending both courses as the 5-day BOOT CAMP is totally optional.
You are welcome to attend one course, or the other, or both, as best meets your needs.
But with the low incremental cost and wall-to-wall training, BOOT CAMP is a great opportunity.

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