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Certified Telecommunications Analyst
Differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd when applying for a job or angling for a promotion, with solid knowledge of telecom and network technology - and a certificate to prove it.

TCO CTA Certification is a very strong indication of the strength of your knowledge of telecommunications: the whole story, and the big picture.

This knowledge allows you to perform analysis, write reports, make recommendations...
be a Telecommunications Analyst.  It also allows you to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME).
Certified Analyst and SME positions pay more than programmer positions.
With the CTA Certification Exam, you get a certificate suitable for framing, with a personalized letter of introduction you can attach to your résumé explaining the very serious knowledge skills you have.
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Your CTA Certification
Teracom is a Gold Training Partner of the Telecommunications Certification Organization, authorized to administer the CTA Certification Exam and award the Certification.
Once you complete the Certification Exam, you are awarded the Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) certification, with all its benefits including certificate, letter of introduction to prospective employer, the right to display the TCO logo on your résumé, online profile and more.
We'll back it up with a certificate and a personalized Letter of Introduction, introducing your Certification and identifying the list of knowledge skills it represents.
Certified Telecom Network Engineer (CTNS) Telecommunications Certificate
Use Your Existing Knowledge
You may get your CTA Certification without taking Teracom training... use your existing knowledge to pass the exams and obtain your certification.
How to buy the CTA Certification Exam
Sixteen Multiple Choice Exams, 10 Questions Each
CTA requires sixteen exams, corresponding to the sixteen main chapters of Course 101.
It's the final exam for Course 101.
DVD-Video package V530 supplemented with the free included Online LANs course covers all the topics, as does the Telecom 101 reference book.
Unlimited Repeats
Each exam is 10-multiple-choice questions, and you get unlimited repeats... which means guaranteed to get Certified Telecommunications Analyst designation if you're willing to do the work.
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Included as Free Bonus with Seminars and DVD Package
Write the optional "final exam" for Course 101, DVD Package V530 Full Library or Telecom 101 textbook, and you'll earn Telecommunications Certification Organization Certified Telecommunications Analyst certification: concrete proof of your telecom, datacom and network knowledge for current or future employers.

Every seminar attendee gets as a free included bonus the CTA certification exam, with unlimited retakes.

CTA certification with unlimited retakes for FIVE is included with DVD package V530 Full Library.
The certification exam may be purchased with unlimited retakes by students who are using the Telecom 101 textbook as a study guide, or by anyone who already has the required knowledge.
How to register for the free bonus CTA Certification
Looking for something simpler?
Sixteen exams is a lot. Another choice is to get your Telecommunications Certification Organization Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) Certificate by writing six exams.
CTNS Certification proves you have the core knowledge of telecom networks and services employers are looking for.
You get a full-color certificate suitable for framing, plus a letter of reference explaining your certification, and some solid credentials to add to your résumé.
CTNS certification is included as a free bonus with all instructor-led courses!
With DVD-video package V530, you get CTNS certification for FIVE people.
Or, you can purchase the CTNS Certification Package, which includes six Online Courses that directly correspond to the six CTNS exams, bundled together, with unlimited repeats of both.
You're guaranteed to get certification if you're willing to learn.
Distinguish yourself from others with knowledge skills, get a certificate to prove it, and a personalized letter of introduction explaining your knowledge to your employer. Get the job, promotion or raise you deserve!
How to register for the free bonus CTNS Certification
How to buy the CTNS Certification Package   Unlimited Plan
Prepare for a Job - Train a New Hire
This certification is an ideal way to prepare for a job in the telecommunications business.
CTA certification is proof of your solid understanding of telecom, datacom and networking fundamentals, jargon, buzzwords and mainstream technologies and solutions.
Benefits of certification for individuals
It's also a highly cost-effective, rapid and consistent way to train new team members. Teracom's Course 101 and Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) certification covers the base of knowledge required in the telecom industry, from traditional telephony to VoIP over MPLS and everything between.
Benefits of certification for employers
On completion of instructor-led, DVD-video or textbook training, register for the TCO CTA certification then write the exam using the myTeracom Learning Management System.
Seminar and DVD package students use a coupon to get the certification as a free bonus.

The Certification Exam is written as sixteen 10-multiple-choice-question course exams.
Log in over the web, from anywhere, anytime, and with a few mouse clicks, the next course exam is downloaded and opened in your browser.

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What You Get With The CTA Certification Exam
1. The certification exam
The certification exam is a closed-book multiple choice exam completed online in the myTeracom Online Learning Management System. You get unlimited repeats of the exam - which means guaranteed to pass.   Plus, on achieving a passing grade:
2. Your certificate, suitable for framing
A full-color TCO Certificate suitable for framing is automatically awarded by the Learning Management System on completion of the required exams.
It can be immediately printed on plain or textured paper on any color printer and framed by student as desired, with no shipping charges. It can also be attached to the electronic version of the student's CV.  An original hard copy of your Certificate, signed and sealed, can be sent to you by mail for $25 plus first-class mail cost.
3. A personalized Letter of Reference / Letter of Introduction
You also receive a personalized Letter of Reference / Letter of Introduction explaining the courses you took and the knowledge you have, and inviting anyone you give it to to contact us as a reference... excellent addition to your CV.
4. Right to display the TCO logo
You'll have the right to display a high-resolution copy of the TCO logo on your résumé, business card, LinkedIn profile, web page, blog, or email signature.
5. TCO Certification Designation
Passing the Certified Telecommunications Analyst, you will be able to state that you:
-  "are a Certified Telecommunications Analyst",
-  "hold a Certified Telecommunications Analyst certification from the Telecommunications Certification Organization",
-  are "certified as a Telecommunications Analyst by the Telecommunications Certification Organization",
-  are a "Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) Certified Telecommunications Analyst",
-  are "TCO-certified",
and may sign your name
 - "Richard Smith, CTA," or "Jane Smith, Certified Telecommunications Analyst"
6. A 30-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.
If for any reason you change your mind, for 30 days after purchase you can get your money back.
You have nothing to lose! – and a marketable skill to gain!   Start now.
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"The best"
Teracom online
training is the best. I encourage potential online candidates to try it out and see the innovations.

Philip Ekpa
Technical Support Engineer

"The LMS is very easy to use and navigate"
The new Learning management system was very easy to use and navigate.
"Quality training you can access from any computer"
It's nice to have quality training you can access from any computer.
Russel W
Ottawa ON
The state-of-the-art myTeracom LMS is included at no extra charge.
Your personal dashboard and control center, the system guides you through course exams, tracks your results and allows you to pause and resume anytime.

On completion of the required exams, you will obtain your certification, along with a certificate suitable for framing.
A letter of introduction, introducing your CTA certification and explaining the knowledge base it represents to a prospective employer is included at no extra charge.

Teracom Online Learning qualifies as Continuing Professional Education and can be used for required CPE credits in many cases. Download a CPE credit confirmation letter anytime. more
The myTeracom LMS supports team training. A manager can buy a block of seats, assign them to team members anytime and with five clicks of a mouse, export a management report in Excel showing everyone's progress and exam results!  more
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