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Teracom courses can be licensed as courseware for your in-house use:
 • SCORM-compliant courses that you can upload to your LMS
 • Instructor-Led Courses with books and presenter materials
 • DVD-Video courses and books for in-class use
If you're looking for telecom training course content for your LMS, or a course for in-class use, Teracom's proven quality is your best choice.
Why Choose Teracom
telecom courseware
Teracom's courses have been crafted, tuned and refined over many years.
The selection of the topics, their order and timing is a direct result of
teaching hundreds of courses to people in the telecom business.
Understanding our customers' needs has allowed us to develop courses
with the required knowledge set for today's telecommunications.
And teaching these courses at telecom carriers ensures that Teracom's
courses are right up to date with the latest developments!
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SCORM-Compliant LMS Courseware

Teracom's online SCORM-compliant courses in telecom fundamentals, wireless, IP and networking
can be licensed for deployment on your organization's Learning Management System.
Top-notch, top-quality and right up to date with the topics and knowledge you need.

Interactive lessons, rich with photographs and illustrations make this self-paced learning enjoyable! 
Course exams allow you to measure progress.

Interactive multimedia
Teracom telecom training elearning courses are an interactive multimedia experience. 
The text spoken by the instructor is displayed on the right side of the screen while animated diagrams,
pictures, bullets and video are displayed on the left.  Each lesson in a course has several parts,
followed by informal quiz questions to ensure key points are understood. 

One-time upload & site license
Each course has between 9 and 15 lessons plus a course exam.  Each lesson and exam is compiled
using Adobe Acrobat into a SCORM ZIP file for upload to your LMS. There is no per-student cost when
the courses are hosted on your LMS, accessible to your employees only.  Your one-time site license allows
unlimited use within your organization.

Printed Course Book available
A major advantage of Teracom Online Courses is the availability of a printed course book
to accompany the training.  Many people find that a printed book greatly increases the effectiveness of online courses. 
The available 362-page standard-format softcover textbook “Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers”
is the companion reference textbook for Teracom’s online courses, with full text notes and diagrams.

Available SCORM-Compliant Courses

  The PSTN
  Loops and Trunks • POTS • Circuit-Switching • LECs, CLECs and IXCs • Analog • Voiceband • DTMF • SS7
  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: the voiceband  
  Wireless Telecommunications
  Mobility • Cellular Networks • Internet over Cellular • GSM and TDMA • UMTS and 1X CDMA • LTE • WiFi • Satellite
  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: 3G cellular and CDMA  
  The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks
  Protocols & Standards • OSI Model • Layers • Protocol Stacks • How Protocol Stacks Work
  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: protocols and standards  
  Ethernet, LANs and VLANs
  MAC Addresses • 802.3 and Ethernet • Broadcast Domains • LAN Cables • LAN Switches • VLANs
  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: LAN cables and categories  
  IP Networks, Routers and Addresses

IP Packets • Packet Networks • Routers • Static, Dynamic, Public, Private Addresses • NAT • IPv6  

  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: Network Address Translation (NAT)  
  MPLS and Carrier Networks
  Carrier Packet Networks • Technologies • MPLS • SLAs • CoS • Integration & Aggregation
  outline brochure course intro sample lesson: TCP/IP over MPLS  
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Please contact us for more information on licensing Teracom's courses for your in-house use.
please contact us for more information
Classroom Courseware

If you need course materials for a class you’re teaching, Teracom’s courses are a great choice.

Crafted by an expert, tuned and refined throughout hundreds of presentations, and constantly updated,
Teracom’s courses are quality you can count on.

Organized by subject, lessons flow logically, building one concept on another.


Teracom Classroom Courseware includes a course book for the students with full text notes, diagrams and bullets, and a PowerPoint presentation corresponding to the book for the instructor.  For many courses, a multiple-choice exam is also available. 

Student books can be printed or electronic, or both.


All Teracom Instructor-Led Courses can be licensed as courseware:

101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers
102 Telecom for Non-Engineers
102F Télécommunications pour tous
111 Telecom 111
120 Understanding Wireless
130 Understanding Voice over IP
160 Understanding IPv6

DVD-Video Courses can also be licensed

• In-class video plus student books,
• Books only for shorter instructor-led courses.
Available topics:
Fundamentals of Telephony
Telecom Equipment
The Telecommunications Industry
Digital Communications
Transmission Systems
Introduction to Data Communications and Networking
How Data is Formatted for Transmission
The Network "Cloud": How Data Circuits are Actually Provisioned
Protocol Stacks and the OSI 7-Layer Reference Model
Bandwidth On Demand: Packet Network Services
Understanding The Internet
IP Security
Wireless Fundamentals
Mobile Communications
Fixed Wireless
VoIP Systems, Components, Standards, Jargon and Buzzwords
VoIP Architectures and Implementation Choices
Voice Packetization, Codecs and Voice Quality
QoS: Quality of Service
SIP and Call Flow
VoIP Carrier Interconnect
web page brochure sample lessons  

Printed Books are also available for courses:

T101 Telecom 101
T4210 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers
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Please contact us for more information on licensing Teracom's courses for your in-house use.
please contact us for more information
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