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Best of Breed: Telecommunications Training – Since 1992
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Telecommunications Certifications
Get the knowledge needed for today's telecom - plus TCO Certification proving it!
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Online Courses
Get telecom training online, anywhere, at your own pace.
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• The PSTN
• Wireless: Cellular and WiFi
• Ethernet, LANs and VLANs
• IP, Routers and Packets   more
TCO wins 2 of 5 spots in the the prestigious Toms IT Pro Best Telecommunications Certifications for 2016
TCO wins 2 spots on Tom's IT Pro 2016
Best Telecommunications Certifications!
Tom's Hardware was established early as the go-to site for trusted reviews of hardware.
This year, CTNS and CIPTS made it to their 2016 "Best of" list.
instructor-led seminar courses
The best training you can get. You can ask questions and interact.
• Public seminars
• Onsite courses
Instructor-Led Training
Santa Clara Nov 14-18
Wash DC Jan 30 - Feb 3
Toronto Feb 1-3
Orlando March 14-16
Dallas March 28-30
New York April 26-28
Atlanta May 9-11
boot camp
The new generation IP-based telecom network is here.
Get up to speed and fill in the gaps with this five-day BOOT CAMP.
Specifically designed for non-engineers... those in telecom who need an update on IP, and newcomers getting up to speed.
Join us to bust the buzzwords, demystify the jargon, understand the network technologies and how it all fits together... in plain English.
new One-Day Telecom Network Technology Overview and Update
course 111
This one-day intensive network technology overview and update is for non-engineers who can't take a week off for training.

Take this course to gain a big-picture understanding of all aspects of new-generation IP telecom, including what IP is, the business reasons for IP in telecom, packets, addresses, routers, MPLS, VoIP, SIP, softswitches and services and more.

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Tutorial: IP Telecom and the IP-PSTN
Seminar schedule thru June 2017
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new Telecom 101 4th Edition 2016
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DVD-Video Courses
Private lessons
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Includes course books, plus free bonus CTNS Certification and online courses for 5 people.
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CTNS Certification Package Unlimited Plan
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Free 14-day trial of CTNS Package with "Mobile Communications" textbook for $1
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