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2415 The Internet

We’ll start at the beginning of the story, understanding where the Internet came from and its fundamental principles of operation. Then we’ll look at some details and improvements such as the Domain Name System, MIME, HTML and HTTP... which form “the Web”. We’ll review how you can connect to the Web from a residence and from an enterprise or organization.

Course Lessons
1. Internet History
2. Internet Basics
3. TCP and UDP
4. Internet Service Providers
5. Commonly Used Internet Protocols
6. Domain Name System
7. MIME and Base-64 Encoding
8. World Wide Web
10. Accessing the Internet: Home Connections
11. Accessing the Internet: Organization Connections

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 101, tuned and refined over the course of 20 years of instructor-led training, we’ll cut through the jargon to demystify telephony and the telephone system, explaining the jargon and buzzwords, the underlying ideas, and how it all works together… in plain English.