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2222 VoIP Architectures and Implementation Choices

VoIP Architectures and Implementation Choices is a comprehensive overview of the many flavors of VoIP, comparing and contrasting the various implementation and architecture choices.

Progressing from talking between computers over the Internet through Internet telephony, Managed IP Telephony, PBX replacement with distributed call manager systems and IP Centrex / Hosted PBX, you'll gain the knowledge to confidently differentiate VoIP architectures and discuss pros and cons of options.

Course Lessons
1 Intro + Internet Telephony: Computer-Computer VoIP over the Internet
2 Internet Telephony Example: Skype
3 VSPs: Internet to Phone e.g. Gmail Client
4 VSP Phone to Phone over Internet e.g. Vonage
5 VoIP Becomes The New POTS
6 VoIP at Carriers
7 VoIP-Enabled PBX and Migration Options
8 Premise Softswitch: PBX Replacement
9 Cloud Services and Hosted PBX: Softswitch as a Service (SaaS)
10 IP Centrex
11 Asterisk and Open-Source Softswitch Software
12 IP Phone Features and Uses

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 130, tuned and refined over the course of over 20 years of instructor-led training, you will gain career- and productivity-enhancing knowledge of all of the different things someone could mean when they say "Voice over IP", and the pros and cons of each.