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CTA Certification Package

The prestigious TCO Certified Telecommunications Analyst is the most comprehensive telecommunications certification available, demonstrating to employers that the holder has broad and deep telecom, datacom and network knowledge.

The CTA Certification Package includes sixteen courses plus Certification from the Telecommunications Certification Organization, with unlimited repeats of courses and exams:

  • 2401 The PSTN
  • 2402 Telecom Equipment
  • 2403 The Telecommunications Industry
  • 2404 Digital
  • 2405 Transmission Systems and Fiber Optics
  • 2406 Wireless Telecommunications
  • 2407 Introduction to Datacom and Networking
  • 2408 Data Coding, Frames and Packets
  • 2409 Modems: Representing Bits on Radio and Copper
  • 2410 The Network "Cloud" and Service Implementation
  • 2411 LANs, VLANs, Wireless and Optical Ethernet
  • 2412 The OSI Layers and Protocol Stacks
  • 2413 IP Networks, Routers and Addresses
  • 2414 MPLS and Carrier Networks
  • 2415 The Internet
  • 2416 IP Security

Based on Teracom's famous instructor-led Course 101 and BOOT CAMP, the sixteen CTA courses cover telecom, datacom and networking from A‑Z, including fundamentals of telephony and the telephone network, telecom equipment, the telecom business and carrier interconnect, voice digitization, newer Ethernet/IP/MPLS transmission systems as well as older channelized systems, modems for wired and wireless communication, fundamentals of frames and packets, MAC addresses and IP addresses, MPLS carrier networks, the Internet and ISPs, and the Security module.

CTA Certification is a very strong indication of the strength of your knowledge of telecommunications: the whole story, and the big picture.

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