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Ian Palmer 17 reviews

★★★★★ a month ago
All employees use Teracom as part of their onboarding. Great information!

Aaron Weiss 2 reviews

★★★★★ a month ago
The Teracom training courses I took were much better than I had expected. The production of the training materials was high quality and edited well. The instructor spoke clearly, had appropriate teaching aids, and conveyed technical material in a way that was easy to understand. The instructor also injected the right amount of humor to keep me engaged. I would highly recommend Teracom for training.

Al Born 2 reviews

★★★★★ a month ago
I have a staff of recruiters who specialize in recruiting telecom professionals. We found Teracom's training to be very helpful so they understood the telecom basics and could better qualify potential candidates.

Lance Johnson 1 review

★★★★★ a month ago
At this level of commitment, access and efficiency, you won't find a better, more in-depth and reputable telecom training and certification course of study. Happy Customer.

jlcombs1 1 review

★★★★★ a month ago
Teracom BOOT CAMP training provided students a robust telephony course that covered past, present and future technologies. This course strengthened our knowledge in the fundamentals of telephony and networking and educated us in more current technologies such as VOIP, 5G and IOE. A great course provided by extremely knowledgeable instructors!

Volker B   2 reviews

★★★★★ a month ago
I have done three certifications with Teracom (CIPTS, CWA, CTNS). The content of all three courses was excellent as it also covered the reasons for technological changes and evolutions. Since I work in the IT industry on the project management side for many years these courses were a perfect complement to my overall IT knowledge. I can now speak to engineers and technicians more on the same frequency and can provide better consultancy to my customers. I feel the courses are also priced fairly and are fun to watch and study.

97/100 in Past Customer Anonymous Review for our GSA Contract

After two years of serious vetting, the US General Services Administration (GSA) awarded to Teracom Training Institute a GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract for this training.

One of the steps in the contracting process was to have Teracom's products and services anonymously evaluated and rated by past customers.

We couldn't be happier with the results!

Past customers anonymously gave Teracom an overall score of 97/100, with quality and personnel ratings 100% positive!

We're not surprised, but are gratified to know our customers agree the quality of our training and customer service is at the very top of the scale.

See for yourself!

Past customer evaluation results

In-Depth Review: Course 101

By Ginger N., Accounts Manager, Lucent Technologies

A prospective seminar attendee asked for a reference... here's what our customer told her.

Some of our customers ask for references from people who have taken our training before deciding whether to register for a seminar. In the case below, a person working in the telecom department of a large player in the food processing industry asked for a reference.

We looked at the end-of-seminar feedback forms from a recent class, and saw that Ginger N. of Lucent indicated we could use her as a reference, so with her permission, introduced the two by email.

Following is a copy of the email response / review that Ginger sent to the potential attendee got. Other than some personally-identifying information, this is every word of the reply:

"Hi Linda, Congrats on your new position!

The course was very helpful to me. I changed industries 2-1/2 years ago from working in the staffing industry to telecom. Most of my training was on the job as we were so incredibly busy with our key account/a midwest telephone company.

Needless to say it has been more than challenging. I work in supporting one of major accounts that we supply an outsourcing voice mail management solution to.

I bought several telecom books and a telecom dictionary! Wrote down words I didn't understand - looked them up and spent time with as many technical associates on our team as possible to get some basics, it was painful.

For the first six months I was sure everyone was speaking Greek! (Which, is why you should take something like this upfront!)

It was time to pull it all together and I started searching the web for a course that sounded like it made sense. This one did.

Eric is a very talented trainer. (I say that because I've done training myself in my previous job) He truly does make this course work for people without/or with limited telecom background. He uses examples from everyday life and relates it to the course materials.

Which, by the way are very well written, easy to read and lots of diagrams - which he goes over very clearly. As I run into things on the job, I can refer to the materials.

I think one of best things about the course (and I'd recommend the 3-day) is that he starts with the basics and then builds into more complex arenas. The class was also small enough that you could ask questions.

When you look at the cost of the course in comparison to hours lost on the job trying to understand things, or perhaps the cost of making wrong decisions because you don't have the knowledge, it's minimal.

Take you or your team's hourly wage - divide in into the course cost vs trying to do it yourself or, as I said making mistakes - trust me, it's worth it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Best wishes!

Ginger N.
Sr. Account Consultant
Lucent Technologies"

Thank you for your customer review, Ginger. We couldn't have said it better.

P.S. For those who were wondering: yes, the potential attendee did attend the 3-day Course 101. How could she not after a recommendation like that??

Reviews and Comments from Seminar Evaluations BOOT CAMP and Course 101 Evaluations

“Feedback from my team was TERRIFIC. It gave our entire technical call center a common foundation, and you seem to have crafted that perfect balance between technical depth, real-world applications, and lively delivery. I couldn't be happier with the results. The things my team learned from this training were applied in real-world situations almost immediately.”
- Rusty Walther, Vice President, Client Services, AboveNet Communications

"The selection of material - the order of its presentation - the way it was presented...
incredibly effective at presenting concepts and ideas - uses great analogies and stays on topic.”
- Susan Lennon, Nortel

"The seminar delivered exactly what was advertised, at a very high quality.
Truth in advertising!”
- Gary Lundberg, Copper Mountain Networks

"Helped me to better understand what to be concerned about in implementing a VoIP solution for a customer. We can better advise customers to help set the correct expectations. Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to communicate well with the group.”
- Jim Backus, Cincinnati Bell

"Very beneficial. I am able to understand WLAN and cellular technologies now!
The seminar was very smooth.”
- Xenia Kossenko, Motorola

"Best course we have ever had onsite at 3Com.”

"Perfect content; well organized, well paced, building block approach,
resulted in a very nice cathedral.”
- Jim George, Qualcomm

"Course was excellent! One of the best I have taken. Extremely well organized and presented. Seminar workbook is outstanding - a very valuable reference.”
- Kieran Delaney, Maritime Life

"I liked most the use of analogies to explain complex concepts. It delivered exactly what the brochure promoted. Gave me a thorough understanding so I feel more confident.”
- Judith Myers, Ameritech

"Excellent! Tied the individual pieces of knowledge together into a picture.
Was interactive and built up the knowledge layers properly.”
- Jim Geiss, Qwest

"Filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge of networking... able to deliver the knowledge effectively and entertainingly. Excellent seminar.”
- Kirk Kroeker, IEEE Computer Society

"Great information that I will be able to use at work. Very easy to understand all the information especially the IP networking part. I wouldn't change a thing!”
- Orlando Jasso, AboveNet Communications.

"Layman's terms with humor was very relaxing - helped me concentrate...
understanding is now CLEAR ... the manual will be very helpful.”
- Linda Côté, Bell Canada

"Best instructor I have had on a course - excellent explainer in layman terms, not techie terms.
- Susan Coleman, Bell Sygma

"Best course materials ever; the full text descriptions are invaluable.
Course filled in so many gaps for me. Bravo!”
- Ross Brooks, Vertek

"Outstanding! The best I've encountered, and I've attended many seminars.”
- Bob Gibbons, WMX Technologies

"Hands down - this was the best seminar of its type that I've ever attended.”
- Hal Stone, Tality

BOOT CAMP Live Online Evaluations
May 2022 Class

"Thank you again for such an informative class. It has given me a deeper understanding of the communication technology my program provides. This seminar helped me understand the basics of communication traffic signals and how they are labeled and transported across networks. I liked the logical layer upon layer approach to presenting the technical and complex communication environment. The instructor was nerdy in a fun and engaging way. I enjoyed his teaching style."
- Heidi Schuster, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, May 2022

"This seminar was excellent. I learned so much and until this week, I didn't realize how many 'light-bulbs' I had in my head, because the connections were lighting up like 4th of July! I really enjoyed the layout of the class. The manual is written in layman's terms and as a non-engineer, I appreciated it. The instructor, Richard, was the best. Loved his style of teaching, from the manual, real-life examples/stories, humor, and diagrams. Thank you! I truly enjoyed this course and the way it was presented."
- Resha McIntosh, FirstNet, May 2022

"This class was beneficial for me on three overall levels: Professional, Personal and Educational. Even though this class was taught in a professional (work) setting, the material is relatable on multiple levels. Anyone who is interested in technology and communication should definitely take this course. The instructor is flat out phenomenal! The subject taught at hand was multifaceted and dense. In short, this class is not easy to teach or swallow as a student but the instructor created an relaxed environment. His expertise and comical attitude made it easier to relate to the material taught. The instructor used a myriad of visual aids to help build the bridge for the student to learn or at least understand the material. Teracom could not have chosen a better person in my opinion."
- Chris Patterson, FirstNet, May 2022

"I need to know about telecommunications for my job but I have very little technical experience or knowledge. I have taken several introductory telecommunication courses over the past six years and this is by far the best one I've ever taken. I now have confidence in my basic knowledge of telecommunications after completing the course. It was amazing to see how telecommunications works and how the various components work together.

The course materials are excellent, well organized, and has enough details in the diagrams to be helpful but not so much it becomes overwhelming. I found the explanations (on the even pages) next to the slides/diagrams to be very informative and clear.

The instructor is fantastic! Highest recommendation! Seriously! The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and continuously made relevant correlations to real-world situations. I do not have a technical background. This instructor kept my attention for three days and I was able to follow and understand a vast majority of what he was teaching.

He clearly loves teaching and knows his stuff! I would happily sign up for another course if I knew he would be teaching it. Usually I like training courses that have group discussions and activities to break up the content; however, I liked the almost continuous lecture for this course. (The instructor was very open to questions though.) The instructor is exceptionally knowledgeable and I felt I got more from listening to him than I would have received from group discussions or activities."
- Tiffany Perry, May 2022