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2224 Voice Packetization, Codecs and Voice Quality

Voice Packetization, Codecs and Voice Quality is the "nuts and bolts" of Voice over IP: how the voice is digitized and coded, time stamps applied with the RTP protocol, and how the result is carried in UDP, IP packets and MAC frames.

You'll learn about codecs and compression, and understand factors like delay, jitter and packet loss, what causes them, and how they affect sound quality. Sample sound clips with lost packets and uncorrected timing variations are included so you can hear the effects.

Course Lessons
1 Voice Packetization
2 Measuring Voice Quality
3 Factors Affecting Voice Quality
4 Codecs: Voice Coding and Compression
5 Delay
6 Jitter
8 Protocol Stack: RTP, UDP, IP, MAC
9 Packet Loss
10 Tips for Maximizing Voice Quality

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 130, tuned and refined over the course of over 20 years of instructor-led training, you will gain career- and productivity-enhancing knowledge of how packetized voice is actually implemented and the factors affecting sound quality.