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2214 MPLS and Carrier Networks

MPLS and Carrier Networks is a comprehensive training course designed to build a solid understanding of carrier packet networks and services, the terminology, technologies, configuration, operation and most importantly, the underlying ideas… in plain English.

We’ll cut through the buzzwords and marketing to demystify carrier packet networks and services, explaining Service Level Agreements, traffic profiles, virtual circuits, QoS, Class of Service, Differentiated Services, integration, convergence and aggregation, MPLS and other network technologies, and how they relate to TCP/IP without bogging down on details. 

Course Lessons
1. Introduction
2. Carrier Packet Network Basics
3. Service Level Agreements
4. Virtual Circuits
5. X.25*
6. Frame Relay*
7. TCP/IP over Frame Relay*
8. QoS Requirement for Voice over IP
9. ATM*
10. MPLS
11. TCP/IP over MPLS
12. Differentiated Classes of Service using MPLS
13. Integration and Convergence using MPLS
14. Managing Aggregates of Traffic with MPLS Label Stacking
15. MPLS Services vs. Internet Service

* Lessons on legacy technologies are optional, included for reference for anyone who needs to know about them. They are not on the final exam. Feel free to skip these lessons.

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 101, tuned and refined over the course of over 25 years of instructor-led training, you will gain career- and productivity-enhancing knowledge of the structure, components and operation of carrier packet networks and services, how they are implemented, packaged and marketed by carriers and how they are used by government, business… and other carriers.