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2211 Ethernet, LANs and VLANs

Ethernet is the standard method of implementing data links between machines. It started out as connections between PCs in the office, and has now spread to Optical Ethernet connecting routers, used almost universally in the telecom network core, and fiber to the premise.

Course Lessons
1. Introduction
2. Buses, MAC Addresses and Frames
3. Ethernet and 802.3
4. Gigabit and Optical Ethernet
5. LAN Cable Categories
6. Bridging
7. LAN Switches
8. VLANs

Taking this course, you'll gain a solid understanding of this essential technology:
• Ethernet and buses
• Broadcast domains
• MAC addresses
• MAC frames
• The IEEE 802 standards
• Ethernet from 10BASE-T to Gig-E
• LAN switches
• LAN cables
• TIA-568 cable categories
• How a LAN switch a.k.a. Layer 2 switch works

Based on Teracom’s famous Course 101, tuned and refined over the course of more than 25 years of instructor-led training and counting. We’ll cut through the jargon to demystify Ethernet, MAC addresses, LANs and VLANs, explaining the jargon and buzzwords, the underlying ideas, and how it all works together… in plain English.