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TCO CTSME Certification
Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert

CTSME - TCO Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert     

The most comprehensive telecommunications training and certification available.

CTSME includes five internationally-recognized telecommunications and network certifications, a total of twenty‑five high‑quality online courses covering all major topics in telecom, datacom, networking, IP, VoIP, SIP and wireless, TCO Subject Matter Expert certification, with unlimited repeats and no time limits, for one low price.

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The TCO Certified Telecommunications Subject Matter Expert (CTSME) is the most comprehensive telecom, datacom,  networking, wireless, VoIP and SIP training and certification available anywhere.

CTSME includes four TCO Certification Packages: CTA, CVA, CWA and CTNS. Complete each certification at your own pace.  Complete all four and you earn CTSME Certification, the ultimate in recognition of telecom knowledge.

Included is a framed hand-signed CTSME Certificate plus a personal Letter of Introduction from the Director of the Institute explaining the very extensive knowledge you have, and inviting the reader to contact Teracom as a reference.

Work at your own pace.  There are no time limits or expiration dates.  You have unlimited repeats of the courses, and unlimited repeats of exams until you pass.

We are so confident of the quality of the training, it comes with a 30‑day no questions asked 100% money‑back guarantee.

Here's what you get:

  • CTA Certification Package Unlimited Plan. 16 courses covering all major topics in telecom, datacom and networking from POTS to MPLS plus the Security module.
  • CVA Certification Package Unlimited Plan. Six courses providing depth on Voice over IP from packetization to SIP trunking.
  • CWA Certification Package Unlimited Plan. Three in-depth courses on wireless including spectrum, propagation, cellular and mobility, Bluetooth, WiFi and more.
  • CTNS Certification Package Unlimited Plan. CTNS is a subset of CTA, six of the sixteen CTA courses and exams - yet recognized as the #1 telecommunications certification worldwide and a valuable credential to add to your résumé.

On completion of the four certification packages, you earn CTSME Certification, and receive a framed, hand-signed CTSME Certificate.

CTSME Certification will help demonstrate you have wide-ranging knowledge skills suitable for higher-level analysis, planning and design positions, which typically pay more than programmer jobs.

This knowledge and preparation makes you an ideal candidate to hire or promote, as you will be able to quickly get up to speed for a current project, and be able to work efficiently on subsequent projects... a desirable thought to have in your employer's mind.

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Online Courses and Certifications Full Library

The coursework for CTSME are the courses for certifications CTA, CVA, CWA and CTNS, totaling 25 courses in all.

These high-quality courses cover all major topics in telecommunications, data communications, networking, VoIP, SIP, security and wireless.

In effect, with the CTSME Certification Package, you get Teracom's full library of online courses, sure to be a valuable reference and learning resource for years to come.

  • Full library of Teracom online courses
  • Unlimited repeats, jump in and out
  • One-time payment
  • No time limits, no expiration
  • Kept up to date
  • Valuable learning asset you can access anytime, from anywhere
  • Work on certifications at your own pace

With the 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, and a valuable career-enhancing learning asset to gain!


BOOT CAMP / Course 101 / Course 130 schedule


TCO CTA Certification

TCO CTA Certification

Live, in-person training, where you can ask questions and interact, is the best you can get.  Get away from distractions and up to speed on all aspects of telecom with Teracom's famous 5-day BOOT CAMP.

July 15-19 Atlanta

Aug 5-9 Chicago

Aug 19-23 DC

Sep 23-27 Denver

Oct 7-11 New Orleans

Oct 21-25 Toronto

Nov 4-8 New York City

If you are often distracted at your desk, will you learn much with screen-based training?
Won't you learn more out of the office?

Being in a classroom, with an expert instructor, ensures that you will stay focused, and learn.

Discuss and understand the latest technology and industry news in-class. At lunch, you can share your situation with class members, and find out what others are implementing.  In-class group exercises help your learning.

Attendees often network and go to dinner together.

Plus, you get printed course books with detailed notes, the CTNS and CTA online courses to refresh your knowledge, and optional TCO Certification to prove it!

This is the 5-day BOOT CAMP that hundreds of people have attended over the years... and it's constantly updated.

Take BOOT CAMP to get up to speed on the whole telecom and networking picture from A to Z, beginning with POTS and the PSTN, progressing through wireless telecom, data communications, The Cloud, Ethernet LANs, IP networking, MPLS, the Internet, then Voice over IP fundamentals, SIP and SIP Trunking, VoIP systems, security and upcoming technologies 5G wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bust the buzzwords, understand jargon, technologies, and most importantly, the underlying ideas ...and how it all fits together. This is knowledge you can't get on the job, talking to salespeople or reading articles.

Your knowledge skills, accuracy, productivity and buzzword-frustration level will all be improved with this career-enhancing training.

Seize the day and get the training and certification you need!

The week begins with Course 101, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers, three days of core training: the PSTN, wireless telecom, data communications, the Cloud, Ethernet and LANs, IP, networking, MPLS, and the Internet.

On Thursday and Friday, we build on this solid foundation with Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything, covering Voice over IP, SIP and SIP Trunking, VoIP systems, network security, computer security, information security, and finishing Friday afternoon with upcoming technologies: 5G wireless and the Internet of Everything: how everything from toasters to self-driving trucks to human brain implants will be online.

A comprehensive template for managing a VoIP project from RFPs to installation is included as a bonus chapter.

Full BOOT CAMP description •  current public seminar schedule

Top-ranked instructor, three days in the classroom, 300‑page course book with detailed notes, bonus CVA Online Courses, TCO CVA Certification. $1995.

You may register for only the first three days of BOOT CAMP (Course 101: Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers, $1395) or for the last two days only (Course 130: Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT, $995) as best meets your needs. But with the bundle discount and included CTA, the full 5 days is a great opportunity.

which should you get?

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3-Day Fundamentals of VoIP & IP Telecom Networks / Course 133 schedule


3-day course for Non-Engineers explaining Voice over IP, SIP and the converged IP telecom network it runs on... in plain English.

September 10-12 San Jose CA

November 12-14 Washington DC

Understand telecom and network jargon, buzzwords, technologies, and most importantly, the underlying ideas... and how it all fits together. Eliminate buzzword frustration. Increase confidence, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Learn what all of the VoIP jargon and buzzwords mean,
  • How VoIP works end-to-end & the components involved
  • Fundamentals of the network VoIP runs on
  • Understanding how VoIP, TV, video and internet traffic all run on the same network
  • Who supplies what, and how it all fits together
  • Best practices, tips and tricks for migration & deployment
  • Case studies and class exercises cement your knowledge
  • Bonus: six online CVA courses and TCO
    Certified VoIP Analyst (CVA) certification included

With numerous case studies and class exercises, you will learn how a VoIP call is set up and carried end-to-end, how an organization saves money moving to softswitches and SIP trunking, project management, best practices and more.

Get a solid knowledge base to build on… structured, complete knowledge you can't get on the job, reading articles or talking to vendors.

Eliminate buzzword frustration, and gain the knowledge to be confident!

This is career-enhancing knowledge that lasts a lifetime, and training that will be repaid many times over in increased accuracy and productivity.

Full course description with detailed outline  •  current public seminar schedule

Top-ranked instructor, three days in the classroom, 300‑page course book with detailed notes, bonus CVA Online Courses, TCO CVA Certification. $1495.

Check out the earlybird specials, including a $100 discount, or a free Telecom 101 textbook!

Register today!

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Telecom 101 Textbook Supersize with TCO Certification Packages

Supersize your TCO Certification Package with the best-selling printed Telecom 101 textbook at half price.

Many people who take our courses have asked about a day-to-day reference after the initial training.  For years, we have offered seminar attendees and DVD purchasers the opportunity to buy the best-selling professionally bound softcover reference textbook Telecom 101 at half price.

Now, this offer is also available with TCO Certification Packages!

The supersize option appears as a check box during seminar registration and DVD ordering.

To get the supersize offer with TCO Certification Packages:

  1. Register and pay for any telecommunications, wireless or VoIP Certification Package.
  2. As a second transaction, order a T101 textbook, and apply coupon 1301 to get the book at half price.

Offer is available to all previous and current Certification Package purchases (products L4210 - L4216). This is a limited-time offer and may be withdrawn without notice. Order now to take advantage of this great offer before it ends. Plus $7.95 shipping/handling in US 48 states and Canadian 10 provinces.


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Many thanks,
Eric Coll, Director
Teracom Training Institute


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