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Teracom newsletter for February 2019:


Customer ratings: 4.9 ★★★★★ on Google!

Google+ is closing down, and Google Business with its review system is ramping up... so we had to get on board with that and recently asked customers to leave a review on Google.

We are blown away by the awesome results: 4.9 stars from 50 reviews!  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! We are tickled pink you found it so useful!

Here's a sample:

Volker B ★★★★★
I have done three certifications with Teracom (CIPTS, CWA, CTNS). The content of all three courses was excellent as it also covered the reasons for technological changes and evolutions. Since I work in the IT industry on the project management side for many years these courses were a perfect complement to my overall IT knowledge. I can now speak to engineers and technicians more on the same frequency and can provide better consultancy to my customers.

I feel the courses are also priced fairly and are fun to watch and study.

jlcombs1 ★★★★★
Teracom BOOT CAMP training provided students a robust telephony course that covered past, present and future technologies. This course strengthened our knowledge in the fundamentals of telephony and networking and educated us in more current technologies such as VOIP, 5G and IOE. A great course provided by extremely knowledgeable instructors!

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If you've found Teracom training to be beneficial, we'd be thrilled if you added a review!


Public Seminar Schedule: BOOT CAMPs

Silicon Valley, Toronto, Denver, Vancouver BC, DC, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans


TCO CTA Certification

TCO CTA Certification

TCO CTA Certification

ctns cert


Specifically designed for non-engineers, Teracom's renowned telecommunications training is the core set of technical and business knowledge that everyone serious in telecommunications needs.

Bust the buzzwords, understand jargon, technologies, and most importantly, the underlying ideas ...and how it all fits together. This is knowledge you can't get on the job, talking to salespeople or reading articles.

Your knowledge skills, accuracy, productivity and buzzword-frustration level will all be improved with this career-enhancing training.

Live, in-person training, where you can ask questions and interact, is the best you can get.

Seize the day and get the training and certification you need:

Mar 18-22   Santa Clara
Mar 25-29   Toronto
April 8-12   Denver
April 22-26   Vancouver BC
May 6-10   Washington DC
Mid-July   Atlanta
Aug 5-9   Chicago
October   New Orleans

If you are often distracted at your desk, will you learn much with screen-based training? Won't you learn more out of the office?

Being in a classroom, with an expert instructor, ensures that you will stay focused, and learn.

Discuss and understand the latest technology and industry news in-class. At lunch, you can share your situation with class members, and find out what others are implementing.

Attendees often network and go to dinner together.

Plus, you get printed course books with detailed notes, the CTNS and CTA online courses to refresh your knowledge, and optional TCO Certification to prove it!

BOOT CAMP is organized as two courses back-to-back:

Some people, needing a comprehensive base in telecom, attend core training Course 101 the first three days.

Others, who already have the base, attend Course 130 the last two days for an update on new technologies.

Most people attend all five days to get the most comprehensive and highest quality telecommunications training available, at a discounted price, with bonus TCO CTA and CTNS Certification packages included.

Register for the training that best meets your needs

You may register for just the first three days (listed as Course 101: Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers, $1395) or just the last two days (listed as Course 130: Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT, $995), or both as best meets your needs.

But with the BOOT CAMP price savings, wall-to-wall training and included bonus CTA and CTNS certification packages (online courses + exams), BOOT CAMP is a great opportunity.

Join the thousands of people who have benefited from this training!

Register now


Mobile-Friendly Site Conversion: Mission Accomplished

200+ web pages, now looking good on any device

You may have noticed this is the first newsletter since October. That's because we've been beavering away converting all of the pages on teracomtraining.com to be fluid, responsive and mobile-friendly.

200 pages and four months later, the entire site is now looking good on any device!

The wayback machine shows this is the seventh complete redesign of Teracom's web pages since we first went online in 1999!

Always the same approach: courses teaching the core set of technical and business knowledge that everyone serious in telecommunications needs to know.

Benefit from telecom training courses proven, refined and updated over the course of 20 years!


Eighty (80) Updated Free Tutorials

The fundamentals never change, but telecommunications technologies do. While making the tutorials pages mobile-friendly, we also made sure the content was up to date with the Holy Quaternity of MPLS, IP, Ethernet and Fiber: the four elements of telecom networks today.

Here is the alphabetical list of all the new and updated tutorials. Enjoy!

There is a better list (organized by topic) in your myTeracom dashboard if you feel like logging in.


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