MPLS Training Course

When an organization says it "has an MPLS network" and sells "MPLS services", what exactly does that mean? Teracom's MPLS Training Course 101 Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers has the answer. 

Online Course 2214 MPLS and Carrier Networks, part of the CTNS and CTA Certification Packages also has the answer.

If you are serious about being knowledgeable enough to get or keep a job in the telecom or networking industry, you need to know what an "MPLS service" is... and how that's different than the Internet, even though it's carried on the same carrier IP network as Internet traffic.

It might help to also know what is MPLS... and why an "MPLS Service" is not the same thing as MPLS. Hint: Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The "MPLS service" Quiz

If you are working in telecom or networking, or looking for a telecommunications job, you must be able to answer the following questions about MPLS and MPLS services. This is now part of the basic required knowledge set.

To make things easy, we're giving you the answer to the first question in advance:

1. What is an "MPLS service"?

    a) What does it do?
    b) Who uses it?
    c) What for?

"MPLS service" is the term some salespeople use to describe point-to-multipoint IP packet communications services backed up with a performance guarantee.

It is used by banks, government, military and many other organizations for secure, reliable, telephone company business quality data communications.

It moves IP packets from one specified building to one out of a set of other specified buildings. This implements a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for that customer.

A technology called MPLS is used as the mechanism for enabling and restricting the communications to those locations, and indirectly, as a Quality of Service mechanism to guarantee a contracted service quality for that customer.

It would more accurately be called "Point to multipoint IP packet communication business service backed up with a quality guarantee".

"MPLS service" is easier to say... but it is IP service not MPLS service, hence the quote marks.

2. What are two ways "MPLS service" is different than Internet service?

    a) What benefit does that bring to the customer?

3. Does it cost more?

    a) Better yet, is it costed the same way as Internet service?

4. What are two ways "MPLS service" traffic is similar to Internet traffic?

5. How do you connect to "MPLS service"?

6. What is the technology and business environment for "MPLS service" going to be in 2025?

Can you answer these questions?

The Best MPLS Training Courses 

Course 101 Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers is a comprehensive training course specifically designed for non-engineering professionals, to get you up to speed on today's IP-based telecommunications.

Take BOOT CAMP to bust the buzzwords and cut through the jargon to get the whole modern telecom and networking picture from A to Z, beginning with the big picture, then fundamentals of IP packets and Ethernet frames, wireless telecom, fiber and DSL/cable modems, then carrier networks, MPLS, IP security, ISPs, cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), and finishing with installed-base PSTN, VoIP fundamentals and SIP Trunking.

Designed for non‑engineers, this professional training course will give you the solid, vendor-independent foundation necessary to deal with IP telecom network, VoIP and MPLS projects and applications with confidence.