Tutorial:"Gig-E" Service from Carriers

And people used to think T1 at 1.5 Mb/s was "fast"...

Gigabit Ethernet or "Gig-E" service is based on LAN technology that runs at 1,000 Mb/s = 1 Gb/s ... 700 times faster than a T1.

"Gig-E" service is now the standard high-end service offered in major cities by big carriers, providing connectivity between your building and the carrier's fiber backbone at 1 Gb/s. From there, you could connect to your other locations via the carrier's managed IP network (sometimes called an MPLS VPN), connect to the telephone network via a SIP trunking service, connect to the Internet, connect to carrier Ethernet service, also called Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), or all of them.

The beauty of this service is that not only does it provide ridiculously high speed connectivity, but it is compatible with what you are already doing inside the building: IP packets in LAN frames. Connecting to this service requires almost no additional knowledge for your IT people.

As illustrated, Gigabit Ethernet service is delivered on fiber from the carrier to the customer. From the customer's point of view, the service will appear as a jack on the right-hand TRANSCEIVER.

gigabit ethernet
Connecting to Gig-E Service

In the course, we arrive at discussing this picture AFTER, we explain what fiber is, how it works, what Ethernet is and how that works, and how Ethernet MAC frames are signaled point-to-point between devices by flashing a laser on and off... in this case, one billion times per second.

When discussing this picture, we explain how this service will be actually used, and why some of the computers on the right are connected with Gig-E on copper and some are connected with 100 Mb/s Ethernet.

We'll start at the beginning, put a good base of knowledge of fiber optics and broadband services in place, and explain all of this IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

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