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Teracom Training Institute is a telecommunications and IT training company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada for the United States,[1] and Montreal, Quebec for Canada[2]

Beginning as part of Data-Tech Institute of Clifton, NJ in 1992,[3] Teracom Training Institute, Ltd. was formed as a separate company in 2001.[4]

Teracom Training Institute, Ltd. provides telecommunications and IT training courses, specializing in providing training in telecommunications technologies and networks to non-engineering professionals in the USA and worldwide.[5][6] Teracom Training Institute Canada[7] provides the same services in Canada.[2][8]

Area of Instruction / Subject Matter Expertise[edit]

Teracom Training Institute's training subject matter is telecommunications networks;[9] telecommunications technologies,[10] equipment and services; telephone company and carrier infrastructure and operations; data communications and protocols, IP and MPLS networking;[11][12] Voice over IP,[13][14][15][16] mobile cellular networks and fixed wireless.[17][12]

Market Segment[edit]

Teracom Training Institute's market segment consists primarily of providing training services to business and government, to instruct their professional non-engineering personnel in telecom fundamentals, jargon, technologies and telecom products and services. Training is also provided to individuals.[18]

Business and government in this segment include telecom network and service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, and organizations that buy telecom equipment and services such as banks, power companies, government and military.[18]

The non-engineering market segment includes professional personnel whose primary functions include accounting, tax, finance, business development, marketing, sales, operations, support and software development, who are required to deal with telecommunications network technologies in their job, but who have not had formal training on the fundamentals of the telecom network and its related technical jargon, acronyms, abbreviations and technologies.[18]

Value Proposition[edit]

For organizations, Teracom Training Institute proposes that its training will improve management metrics productivity and accuracy in exchange for tuition fees.[19] For individuals, Teracom Training Institute proposes that its training and certification provides the required knowledge base[20] for telecom, and TCO Certification as proof, with the view to improving the individual's employment prospects, in exchange for tuition fees.[19]

Notable Clients[edit]

Federal Government and Military[edit]

The National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), US Marines Communications School, FBI Training Academy, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force and US Coast Guard, Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), ComSec Establishment, CRA, IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Naval Intelligence, Defense Information Systems Agency, Spawar, US General Accounting Office, the Universal Service Administrative Company, NOAA, NASA and GSA[22]


AT&T, Bell Labs, Verizon, Teleglobe, MindSpring, APEX Telecom, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, TELUS, Frontier Communications, SDN Communications, Shaw, Shentel, Western Iowa Telephone, American Broadband, MicroCell Telecom, TDS Telecom, Winstar, Western Wireless, US Cellular, Intelsat, RangeTel, Alltel, Cox Cable, Rogers, SouthEast Telephone, L-3 Communications, Bermuda Telecom, UTS, Ketchikan Public Utilities[22]

Equipment Manufacturers[edit]

Cisco, Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, Qualcomm, 3Com, Nortel, Cap Gemini, Vertek, Kyocera, Ericsson/Hewlett-Packard, Genuity, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Tektronix[22]

Telecom Users[edit]

Finance Sector: Equifax, Transamerica Insurance, The Hartford, Wells Fargo, Bloomberg

Power Companies: Florida Power and Light, Idaho Power, Entergy, New York Power Authority

City of San Francisco, State of Nebraska, State of Montana

Google and Microsoft[22]

GSA Contract[edit]

Teracom holds United States Federal Supply Schedule GSA Contract number GS-02F-0053X.[42][43][44]

Instructional Design[edit]

For instructor-led training, the instructional design used by Teracom centers around the seminar, which means interaction between the instructor and students in a classroom-style course. The participants are seated at tables with seminar workbooks, while a stand-up instructor presents the course in the seminar style, with a projected presentation and diagrams drawn on an easel chart.[21][22][18]

The design of the instructor-led training workbook is 8.5 by 11 inch bound, with two-page spreads. Each spread corresponds to one lesson. Detailed text notes corresponding to the words spoken by the instructor is on the left side of the spread and a copy of the graphics displayed by the instructor are on the right side of the spread.[18]

The instructional design of all of Teracom Training Institute's training other products is derived from the design of the instructor-led training workbook.

The online courses, DVD courses and textbooks have largely the same lessons, with the same text and graphics, and grouped into similar chapters.[18]

Two notable elements of the online courses and certification package instructional design are the Unlimited Plan,[23] which gives unlimited repeats of lessons and exams, and the customized letter of reference included with the certificate.[24]

The content of this course is updated typically twice per year to keep up with industry and technology changes.[18]

Learning Delivery Mechanisms[edit]

Teracom Training Institute delivers its training via scheduled public instructor-led seminars[21] held in conference facilities in major cities in the USA and Canada,[25] and worldwide via private onsite instructor-led courses,[22] online courses[26] and certification[27] on the myTeracom Learning Management System,[28] via DVD courses,[29] textbooks[30][31] and ebooks.[32][33][34][35]


Teracom Training Institute is accredited by the Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO),[36] authorized to develop courses following the TCO Curriculum, administer TCO exams and award TCO Certifications on the myTeracom Learning Managment System.

Teracom adheres to the AICPA-NASBA Standards for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.[37][38]

TCO Certification Partnership[edit]

In conjunction with being accredited by the Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) as a training partner,[36] Teracom Training Institute developed online courses and exams corresponding to the curriculum of the TCO CTNS, CIPTS, CWA and CTA Certifications.[39][27]

The courses and exams are hosted on Teracom's Learning Management System. Successful students are awarded the TCO Certification and certificate by Teracom.[27][40]

At present, Teracom appears to be the exclusive training partner for TCO.[36]


Eric Coll, Richard Olsen, Jay McGuire, Storm Connors, Vincent Rendenna, Tim Kelly[41]

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