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The Teracom Telecom, Datacom and Networking Quiz
Assess your knowledge of telecommunications, data communications and networking fundamentals with this free online quiz!
The Teracom telecom, datacom and networking quiz is ten random multiple-choice questions from the Certified Telecommunications Analyst CTA certification exam.
You'll get an immediate reading of your telecom, datacom and networking IQ, and maybe even learn something useful during the answers review at the end.
Do it as many times as you like - different questions every time!
Quiz Instructions
To access the free quiz, just sign in to myTeracom with your username and password.
If you're not registered on the myTeracom system yet, it's fast, easy and free to sign up, and provides instant access to the Teracom Learning Management System that will serve up and score a customized quiz just for you! Your information remains strictly private. We will never give your email address to anyone. privacy policy  sign up
1. After signing in, go to the Online Courses & Certifications Catalog.
2. Under "Free Knowledge Evaluation Quizzes",
click The Teracom Telecom, Datacom and Networking Quiz and "add to cart".
3. Click the "proceed to checkout" button.
The order will be automatically processed since the cost is zero.
4. Click the link displayed to go to your dashboard. Click the link in your dashboard to start your quiz.
The quiz will download, then compile in your computer, then start.
Note: if "100%" is displayed, but nothing appears to be happening, please wait.
Your quiz is 100% downloaded, and is now being compiled on your computer.
It will start after a delay of 20 seconds or so (more on a slow computer)
5. Enter your answers for each of the ten multiple-choice questions.
6. At the end your score will be displayed and you'll have a chance to review the answers.
7. No one expects you to know all this stuff… but... comparing your answers to the correct ones, you may well find that you need to improve your knowledge base. Our renowned telecom training for non-engineers is the ideal way to fill in the gaps, put in place a solid base of knowledge and a structure on which to build.
8. Register for one of our high-quality public seminars, hold a private on-site seminar, order our
self-paced DVD-video series, take online courses and/or get a Telecom 101 reference book.
9. Learn what the jargon and buzzwords really mean, and how it all fits together. Be more effective and less frustrated. Deal with telecom and networking equipment vendors and carriers. Speak intelligently at meetings. Converse with "techies". Obtain a valuable reference book.
10. Gain serenity, a promotion, a revitalized career, new job, or even achieve world domination.* *Individual results may vary
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