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DVD-Video Course V9: Understanding Voice over IP 2
Voice Packetization · Voice Quality · Codecs, Jitter and Packet Loss · Network QoS with MPLS
Understanding VoIP is a series of high-quality video courses designed for those needing to get up to speed on and understand Voice over IP technologies, buzzwords, jargon and mainstream solutions, and importantly, the ideas and fundamental concepts underlying VoIP, independent of any particular vendor's viewpoint... knowledge you can't get reading trade magazines or talking to salespeople.
Featuring detailed graphics, bullets, extensive text notes and our engaging and often humorous instructor Eric Coll, M.Eng., P.Eng., these training courses will give you the solid foundation you need to intelligently discuss, compare, evaluate and understand VoIP technologies, products and implementations.
In this course, we cover packetized voice and voice quality.
The first part explains the process of voice packetization and codecs, issues like jitter and packet loss that can affect the quality of the reconstructed speech, and the role of RTP and jitter buffers and finish with a review of "best practices" for achieving voice quality.
The second part explains network QoS: MPLS and Diff-Serv. We'll explain MPLS and show how it is used to implement prioritization for Service Level Agreements. We'll also cover 802.1P and queuing methods.
This course provides you with an understanding of how voice is packetized, the factors that can affect sound quality, all of the different codecs that can be used, RTP and jitter buffers, QoS, MPLS, Diff-Serv and Service Level Agreements.
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Course outline - V9: Understanding Voice over IP 2
Approx. 119 min. DVD-R NTSC format. 48-page 8.5" x 11" softcover bound workbook.
Chapter 1  Voice Packetization, Codecs and Voice Quality
  1.03 Voice Packetization
1.05 Measuring Voice Quality
1.07 Factors Affecting Voice Quality
1.09 Codecs: Voice Coding and Compression
1.11 Delay
1.13 Jitter
1.15 RTP
1.17 Protocol Stack: RTP, UDP, IP, MAC
1.19 Packet Loss
1.21 Tips for Maximizing Voice Quality
Chapter 2   QoS: Quality of Service in the IP World
  2.03 Virtual Circuit Technologies
2.05 MPLS
2.07 Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv)
2.09 Meters, Markers, Shapers and Droppers
2.11 Interworking Diff-Serv and MPLS
2.13 802.1P
2.15 Implementing QoS: Queuing Techniques
Appendix A  Acronyms and Abbreviations
Teracom's self-paced telecom video courses
Ideal for those who need to learn about telecom, datacom, networking and IP outside of structured seminars.
Each course comes with an approx. 2-hour full-color video, a comprehensive workbook/textbook with copies of all graphics and detailed reference notes that are sure to be a valuable reference for years to come; plus a knowledge evaluation exercise and personalized course completion certificate suitable for framing.
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