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Mobile Network Components and Operation

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Videotutorial DVD6: Mobile Network Components and Operation
From Teracom DVD-Video Course DVD6: Wireless
ISBN 9781894887083 Length 185 minutes. 74-page course book.
Radio Fundamentals • Spectrum • Digital Radio • Mobile Network Components and Operation • Cellular Principles • Digital Voice • Data •
Mobile Internet • Cellular Technologies • TDMA • CDMA • OFDM • Generations • 2G GSM • 3G 1X • UMTS • HSPA • 4G LTE •
Fixed Wireless • Bluetooth • WiFi • WiFi Security • Encryption • WiMAX • Point-to-Point Microwave • Satellite
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This video tutorial is free sample Lesson 2.03 from DVD6: Wireless. It explains the components and principles of operation of a mobile network, including cellphone / smartphone, SIM card, airlink, base station, base station transceiver, antennas, backhaul, mobile switch, location register, paging, connection to PSTN, connection to Internet, mobility, and handoffs... and how it works, tracing a cell phone call end-to-end.
An introduction to and overview of the course by the Director of the Institute, followed by highlights of each lesson is available here.
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Teracom’s new DVD6 Wireless is a complete course covering radio fundamentals, mobile communications and cellular, plus fixed wireless.

Part 1, Fundamentals, begins the course with basic radio concepts, understanding the wireless spectrum and radio bands, analog radio and how modems implement digital radio.
Part 2, Mobile Communications, covers mobility and cellular from A-Z.
We begin with the components and operation of mobile networks, cellular concepts, then trace the path of a voice call end-to-end and mobile Internet access, including tethered modems and mobile WiFi hotspots.
Then we cover the technologies: FDMA, TDMA, CDMA and OFDM, and the generations: 2G PCS and GSM; 3G 1X, UMTS and HSPA; and 4G LTE.
Part 3, Fixed Wireless, rounds out your knowledge with lessons on Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi security, WiMAX, Point-to-Point and satellite.
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