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Team Training - Online Courses and Certification
Group Discounts and Group Registration
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Knowledge skills to increase productivity
Teracom's instructor-led training that thousands of people have attended and rated "excellent", can now be taken by your team online.
This core training will get your team up to a common speed with a common vocabulary, and give your team the base knowledge set needed in the telecom industry, from traditional telephony to VoIP over MPLS and everything in between, backed up by online testing and certification to prove it.
Plus, discounted pricing is available for groups of 5 or more.
Testing + Certification = Proof of ROI
Testing and certification after training is proof of your team's solid understanding of telecom, datacom and networking fundamentals, jargon, buzzwords and mainstream technologies and solutions. It is concrete evidence to upper management of ROI and value obtained in training.
register your team now
register your team now
Management reporting
The myTeracom LMS was specifically designed to support team training. During registration, the manager, team leader or administrator is designated as the "registered-by" on all team members' registrations.
Then, with a few clicks of the mouse, the manager can view the status and progress of all team members online. With one more click of the mouse, the status can be saved in an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF.
This can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as for reports to upper management.
Having team members write the exams both before and after training will yield spreadsheets that can be used to prove the Return on Investment.
How to register your group
The sophisticated myTeracom Learning Management System (LMS) will guide you through registering your team members, guide them through the Lessons and Exams, and allow you to generate management reports showing the progress and results of your team.
There are two users associated with every order:
Learner: the user who will follow the training, take the exams and receive the certification,
Registered-by: the user who registers the Learner, selecting the training and entering the Learner details.
A user can view the status of any order where they are the Learner or the Registered-by.
The Team Leader, Manager or Administrator is the Registered-by user
A single person registering themselves for training is both the Learner and Registered-by user.
For team training, also known as a group registration, the team's leader, manager or administrator is designated as the "Registered-by" user. That person signs in to myTeracom, then uses the team training / group registration function to register all of the Learners, i.e. the people in their team or group. The result is that the manager is the Registered-by user and the team member is the Learner on all of the orders.
Procedure to follow
First, join or sign in to myTeracom. Then, click on the link for “Register a Group” in the “Online Courses and Certifications” section you'll see after signing in.
The system will guide you through entering your peoples’ names and selecting the training. Once the process is complete, myTeracom accounts and individual orders are created for each team member, and instructions for accessing their accounts are automatically emailed to them.
Group discounts

A special 40% discount is offered for groups of five for all Online Courses and packages.

To get the group discount, you'll do a group registration, then apply coupon 1269.
  more info on group discounts
Please contact us for pricing for larger groups.
What happens if I don't have everyone's details?
No problem. The myTeracom registration system is designed to handle these situations!
1. You have all team members' email addresses, but are missing other information.
No problem. The system will use your coordinates as the default.
Afterward, the users can log in to myTeracom and update their phone number, address etc. The system will automatically send them an email with instructions for accessing myTeracom.
2. You know who the team members are, but you don't have everyone's email address.
No problem. After entering team members whose email addresses you have, you can add "seats" for the remainder. This creates user accounts with temporary user IDs, while reserving the correct number of places.
3. I want my team to take the training now, but I also want extra seats for future team members. No problem. The same procedure as case #2 is used. Contact us to "activate" one of the seats anytime.
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It is our pleasure to assist you. Please contact us and we will be happy to enter all of your students into the system for you at no additional charge.
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"Well done!"
Well done, easy to navigate, excellent content quality. I learned a lot!
Thank you for making my learning curve easy and enjoyable.
Adrienne M. Simmons
UN Telecom Services Specialist
Brooklyn NY
"The best"
Teracom online
training is the best. I encourage potential online candidates to try it out and see the innovations.

Philip Ekpa
Technical Support Engineer

"Very easy to use, very well done"
I was impressed with the online learning course, it was easy to use, very well done.
"Love the material. Easy to understand"
Love the material, such detail and you make it very easy to understand. Adds all the extras you just can't get with books.
"The LMS is very easy to use and navigate"
The new Learning management system was very easy to use and navigate.
"Quality training you can access from any computer"
It's nice to have quality training you can access from any computer.
Russel W
Ottawa ON
The state-of-the-art myTeracom LMS is included at no extra charge.
Your personal dashboard and control center, the system guides you through lessons and quizzes, tracks your results and allows you to pause and resume anytime.

Teracom Online Learning qualifies as Continuing Professional Education and can be used for required CPE credits in many cases. Download a CPE credit confirmation letter anytime. more
"Definitely recommended"
I would definitely recommend this course. Business Analysts and Project Managers that work with Telecom and Datacom groups would benefit tremendously.
Susan Martin,
CB Richard Ellis
Grapevine TX
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