Course 2221
Fundamentals of Voice over IP

VoIP Components and Operation • Voice Digitization and Packetization • LANs and WANs • VoIP Phones • VoIP Network Basics: MAC Address, DHCP, IP, UDP • QoS • SIP and Softswitches • SIP Trunking • Cloud Services • The Future

Fundamentals of Voice over IP is a complete introduction to everything VoIP... in plain English.

You'll learn the fundamental ideas and principles of a VoIP telephone system, VoIP, SIP & all the other jargon - what it actually means and how it all works together.

At each step, we'll also cover supporting and related technologies like Ethernet MAC frames and codecs and video over IP. Take a look at the outline of all of the topics covered in this course!

This course can be taken by anyone who needs to get up to speed on VoIP. You can do the lessons as many times as you like, now and in the future.

Gain solid knowledge you can leverage... and a course certificate to prove it.

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Course Outline

1. Introduction  watch now (free)
2. VoIP Phones and Terminals
3. Voice in IP Packets  watch now (free)
4. SIP and Softswitches - SIP Servers / Call Managers
5. Media Servers
6. Gateways
7. LANs and WANs
8. Key VoIP Standards
9. Where All of This is Headed: IP Dial Tone


Detailed Course Outline

Lesson 1. Introduction  watch now (free)
- Course overview, fundamental concepts

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Lesson 2. VoIP Phones and Terminals
- Voice over IP phone: computer functions
- MAC address and Ethernet LAN interface
- IP address and DHCP, UDP
- Telephone functions
- Speech digitization and codecs
- Creating IP packets containing voice
- SIP client for call setup: SIP basics
- Minimum requirement for VoIP phone
- Optional: display, video codec, camera, keyboard, …
- QoS and packet classification
- Packet labeling
- Differentiated services: prioritization
- Softphones on computer screens
- 4G cellular is VoIP

Lesson 3. Voice in IP Packets  watch now (free)
- Digitizing voice
- Encapsulation in IP packets
- Carried in MAC frames
- Tracing a phone call end-to-end
- Voice quality & jitter buffers

Lesson 4. SIP and Softswitches - SIP Servers / Call Managers
- Visit to a DMS-100 CO switch
- Softswitch vs. traditional PBX / CO switch
- Registration with SIP server
- SIP call disposition rules
- SIP:  finding out the called party’s IP address
- How SIP works
- Hosted PBX
- Cloud servers: softswitch as a service

Lesson 5. Media Servers
- Video is where the money is
- Integrated messaging
- Video on demand and Video over IP
- Video server - Netflix server appliance
- DVR as a network service
- Streaming music
- Digital rights management

Lesson 6. Gateways
- Protocol converters
- Traditional DS0 telephony vs. Voice over IP
- Packets - streaming DS0 media format conversion
- SIP - PSTN ISDN signaling conversion
- Media gateway & Media Gateway Control Protocol

Lesson 7. LANs and WANs
- LANs: physical connection and MAC addresses
- Gigabit Ethernet: Cat 5e, 6
- Optical Ethernet in the core
- IP packets carried in MAC frames between devices
- Power over Ethernet (PoE)
- Uninterruptible power supply
- Wiring closets
- LAN switches
- VoIP over WiFi: 802.11
- WiFi Access Point connections

- WAN: between buildings
- Access, network service type, billing agreement
- Fiber, cable, DSL, wireless access
- Legacy WAN services: T1, Frame Relay, ATM
- Current IP WAN services
- Internet and Internet VPNs
- Service Level Agreement (SLA) and MPLS VPNs
- SIP Trunking

Lesson 8. Key VoIP Standards
- SIP and SDP
- RTP: time stamps
- correcting jitter with RTP
- UDP and TCP.  How TCP works.
- IP: network addresses for packets
- ITU G.711 voice and H.264 video codecs
- IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, 802.11 WiFi,
- 802.2 MAC addresses & MAC frames
- Cat 5, 5e, 6 cables
- Optical Ethernet

Lesson 9. Where All of This is Headed: IP Dial Tone
- The Packet-Switched Telecommunications Network
- IP Dial Tone: send an IP packet to anywhere, anything
- Telephone network and Internet become the same thing: the IP-PSTN
- Telephone service = SIP
- Web surfing = DNS
- Value-added services: e.g. SIP Trunking
- Cloud SIP servers: Google Voice
-  Underlying technologies: IP, MPLS and Ethernet

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