Online Courses and Certifications Dashboard

In an automobile, the Dashboard is traditionally where most of the status displays and controls for the automobile are presented to the driver. Similarly, in the myTeracom Online Learning Management System (LMS), the Dashboard is where most of the status displays and controls for the LMS are presented to the learner.

From the Dashboard, you can access
- Courses you have purchased,
- Lessons that make up the Courses,
- Course Exams,
- The free Teracom telecom, datacom and networking quiz
- Management reports, and,
- if you purchased a Certification Package, your TCO Certificate and Letter of Introduction, or
- if you purchased an individual Course, your Course Completion Certificate.

Management Reports
Please see the detailed instructions for management reports in the Online Courses and Certification User Guide and Instructions.
Populating your Dashboard
When you first go to your Dashboard, it may be empty. In this case, you need to go to the catalog and add a Certification Package (a set of Courses and Certification Exams) or individual Courses to your shopping cart then check out. After you complete the checkout, you will return to the Dashboard and see a list of Courses with Lesson Status and Exam Status.
Initial View of your Dashboard
If you registered for Certification Package, and payment is completed, all Courses in the package will be listed, and all will have "available" in the Lesson Status column. You can do the Courses in a Certification Package in any order; we recommend that you do them in the sequence listed.
If you purchased individual Courses, and payment is completed, all purchased Courses will have status "available". You may do the Courses in any order. Other Courses from the related Certification Package might be listed with status "add to cart", should you wish to take those courses in the future.
Status "pending"
Status "pending" means that payment is not completed. Please contact us to finalize your order.
Status "waiting"
Status "waiting" means that something must be finished before that item is available. For example, while you can do Courses in any order, you ordinarily do the Lessons that make up a particular Course in order, so Lessons beyond the one you are currently working on will have status "waiting".

Taking a Lesson
Clicking on the word "available" in the Lesson Status column of a Course on your Dashboard will take you to the Lessons Screen for that Course, where all of the Lessons are listed.

On the Lessons Screen, one of the Lessons will have a "next" button. Clicking it will download that Lesson and start it in a separate browser window.
Do the Lessons at your own pace. There are no time limits. You can continue studying the same Lesson for as long as you like. There is a "pause" button at the bottom of the Lesson. You may also use the navigation arrows or slider to back up or restart a Lesson.
Resuming a Lesson
If you get partway through a Lesson, then close your browser and turn off your computer for the day, you have not completed that Lesson. The next time you access the course lessons, that lesson will still be showing as "next".
Moving to the Next Lesson
After you click the "Finish Lesson" button (displayed on the last screen of a Lesson), wait for a window with a large green check mark to appear. This is the Learning Management System confirming you have completed the lesson, and will advance you so that the next Lesson has the "next" button.
Retaking a Lesson or Moving to a Different Lesson
To change what the "next" lesson is, select the number corresponding to the lesson before it in the dropdown list beside the words "Set last lesson completed to" and click Update.
Retaking a Course
To start over, select the number 0 in the dropdown list beside the words "Set last lesson completed to" and click Update. Lesson 1 will then show as "next".
Course Exam
You may do the Exam for a Course anytime. You do not have to do the Lessons first. As soon as you have purchased a Course, the Course Exam status on the Dashboard will be "available". Clicking that will load the Course Exam in a browser window. Read the instructions and click the "Begin Exam" button. Please review the time limit to start the exam, and the time limit to complete the exam below to avoid timeout errors.
Certification Exam (Exam Only)
If you have purchased a Certification Exam (exam only), i.e. the set of Exams required for a Certification with no Lessons, the first Course will have Exam status "available" and the rest will have status "waiting". You must do the exams in sequence.
Time limit to begin an Exam
Once you click on the "available" link for an exam and it loads in a browser window, you must begin the exam within 30 minutes. If you do not, your session with the server will expire and the exam will no longer work. Your score will be recorded as "Fail". No percentage score will be displayed.
Accordingly, please do not click the "available" link to load an exam until you are ready to write it.
If you do exceed the time limit, you can have another go by clicking the "retake" button.
Time limit to complete an Exam
Once you click the "Begin Exam" button, you must finish the exam within the time indicated in the instructions at the beginning of the exam, generally 20 minutes for 10 multiple-choice questions. If you do not, the exam will timeout and your score recorded as "Fail". You can have another go by clicking the "retake" button.
Completing and Passing an Exam
Once you complete the Course Exam, your score will be shown in the Course Exam column of the Dashboard. A score of 70% is a pass for most exams. (You can get three multiple-choice questions wrong out of ten and still pass).
Retaking an Exam
You can retake exams by clicking the "reset" button beside the exam status.
If you registered for a Certification Package or Certification Exam (exam only), upon passing all of the required Course exams, a "Get Certificate" button will appear in your Dashboard. Click the button to load your TCO Certificate, then use the browser command "Save as..." to save it as a PDF on your computer. If offered with that Certification, a "Get Letter of Reference" button will also appear.
If you registered for an individual Course, a "Get Certificate" button will appear after passing the Course Exam. Click the button to load your Course Completion Certificate then save it as a PDF.
Please see the faqs for more information.  Feel free to contact us.  Thank you!