Card Security Code (CSC)


The card security code (CSC), also known as the Card Verification Value (CVV) is a 3- or 4-digit number associated with your credit card, printed only on the card and not on statements or charge slips.

This has been implemented by the credit card companies as a type of authentication of the person using a card number to make an online purchase.

The theory: physical possession of the card is needed since the code is only on the plastic card. A hacker that has stolen a card number electronically won't be able to make purchases since they don't have the physical card with its code.

If you have physical possession of the card, then presumably you are in fact an authorized user of the card.

Giving the CSC to a merchant for an online sale to prove you have the card in your hand is the intended use of this security feature.

On most Visa and MasterCards, the CSC is usually printed on the back of the card on the signature panel. On American Express cards, it is printed on the face of the card.

To purchase products via Teracom's online sales, you must enter this code (if your card has one) in the appropriate place on the order form. If your card does have a CSC and you do not enter it correctly, your purchase will be declined.

If your purchase is declined, please check your email - you will receive a message explaining why. "CSCDECLINED" means your card does have a CSC, and you have not entered it correctly. Please see below for help if you have problems.

Finding the code
Visa and MasterCard
Look on the BACK of your card, on the signature panel.
The CSC is the last group of digits, either three or four digits long.

On some cards, all or part of the card number appears before the CSC, for example, 1234 567. In this example, 1234 are the last four digits of the credit card number, and 567 is the CSC.

American Express
On AMEX cards, the CSC called the Card ID number, and is
printed on the front of your card as shown:
What if I don't have this code?
Most, but not all cards have a CSC.
If your card does not have one, please enter 999 as the code.
It's not working
If you have any problems, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help.