Credit Card Authorization Status Messages

This page provides information about the status messages in the email you receive after placing an order online.
After clicking the "confirm" button on Teracom's online order forms, an automated email message will be sent to the email address entered on the form. This email includes the status message resulting from the credit card authorization. Here are some typical messages and what they mean:
Approved - Your transaction was approved by your bank. Your order will normally ship within two business days. The charge on your credit card will read "TERACOM TRAINING INST".

Refused, Declined, Not Authorized - Your bank declined the charge on your credit card. This could be because you are over your limit, because you are not allowed to make online orders with that card, because you made a typo entering the card number or expiry date, or other reasons. There may be additional text after the error message explaining why.

Please check the information in the email you received from Teracom reporting the result of your order processing carefully. If the card number is correct, please call the 800 number on the back of your credit card, and they will be able to give you more information and help rectify the situation.
CSCDECLINED - This means that your card has an associated Card Security Code, and you did not enter it correctly. Please verify the CSC for your card and try again.  more info on CSC
AVSDECLINED - This means that the issuer of your card supports the Address Verification Service, and the verification failed. The AVS compares the street address and ZIP / Postal Code you enter on the form to that of the billing address for your credit card.
If you get an AVSDECLINED result, that means that you did not enter the same street number or ZIP / Postal Code your card issuer has in their database. Please take a look at a statement for your credit card (the monthly bill) and enter the street address and ZIP / Postal Code exactly as it appears on your statement.
If you continue to have problems, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.