Help: Online Courses and Certifications Catalog

The online catalog displays all of the available online Courses and certifications.
Note: Instructor-led Seminars and Books are not in this catalog.
Click here: Seminar Registration or Book Ordering for those products.
Items listed in the online courses and certification packages catalog include:
Certification Packages
A Certification Package is the set of Courses their Exams required for a TCO Certification.
Individual Courses
A Course consists of a number of interactive multipart Lessons and a multiple-choice Course Exam.
A Course takes two to three hours in total to complete. You can do the Course at your own pace over days or weeks. There is no time limit for completion.
Certification Exam (Exam only)
A Certification Exam is the full set of Exams for a TCO Certification. It does not include Lessons.
Unlimited Plan
The Unlimited Plan pricing option allows you unlimited repeats of Courses and Certification Exams with no expiry for a one-time payment. Select this choice if you want to be able to redo courses anytime in the future. Unlimited Plan instructions
To register for online courses and/or certifications
Click on a category heading on the left side of the page to display a list of items in that category.
Click on the name of an item to view an outline and description of that item and its "add to cart" links.
Choose your plan and click the appropriate "add to cart" to register.
After clicking "add to cart", you will see the contents of your shopping cart, and can check out, which means finalizing your registration and paying. You can also edit the cart contents, or continue shopping.
Please see the faqs for more information.  Feel free to contact us.  Thank you!