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Video Course Quiz Answers and Certificates
DVD video course quizzes and answers can be accessed on this page.
You will be asked to log in to or create a myTeracom account to see the quizzes.
Come back to this page and click the link above again after logging in.
DVD video courses produced after 2005:
The quizzes are multiple-choice implemented with Excel and provide immediate scoring.
The full list of correct answers is on a password-protected PDF answers document.
Before 2005:
The quizzes are essay-style. The questions are at the back of the workbook.
The full list of correct answers is on a password-protected PDF answers document.
To obtain a video course certificate and the password for the PDF answers
document please fill out the "contact us" form and mention "Request quiz answers and certificate" and which DVD video coures.   go to the form
Note: This feature is for the DVD-video courses' quiz and certificates.  Only customers who have purchased video courses may take advantage of this offer.  One set of quiz answers and one course completion certificate will be issued per purchased workbook.  If your company has purchased the video courses but you don't have a workbook, you can order additional workbooks (and thus obtain additional certificates) via the video course order form.
For a copy of our general telecommunications quiz, please sign in to myTeracom
The link is on your myTeracom home page. That quiz (and the answers!) are free.
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online courses
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