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Course 120
Understanding Wireless (2 days)
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Understanding Wireless is a two-day intensive course designed for those needing to get up to speed, fill in the gaps and put in place a solid understanding of today's wireless technologies… and anyone wanting to improve their career- and productivity-enhancing knowledge base.
Here's what you will learn:
  Radio fundamentals: analog vs. digital, spectrum and bands, interference
  Wireless LANs:
Concepts, standards, equipment, deployment, configuration, performance and security
  Other wireless technologies, including LMDS, Bluetooth and satellite internet access
  Mobile communications:
  Mobility, handoffs, registration, first generation analog cellular, 2G digital PCS
  CDMA: how it works, why it's called spread spectrum, how it compares to TDMA/GSM
  3G, competing technologies: cdma2000 1X and UMTS/W-CDMA, HSPA
  4G LTE
  The Wireless Web, data over cellular, applications
and more... in plain English.

This training - and our superb instructors - consistently receive rave reviews on evaluations.  Many attendees tell us that this is knowledge that they've been needing for years.

"Very beneficial. I am able to understand WLAN and cellular technologies now!
The seminar was very smooth."  - Xenia Kossenko, Motorola

"Enabled me to gain a better understanding of wireless technology and of all the acryonyms I constantly hear flying around."  - Kristin Palenscar, Nextel

 printable brochure    •    we'll come to you    •    DVD version    •    print this page
"The instructor was the best I ever had"
Excellent! I learned a lot - everyday terms, definitions, and acronyms. Seminar notebook very helpful. The instructor was the best I ever had – lots of knowledge and experience and stories were GREAT.
Serena Laursen,
"Truth in advertising!"
The seminar delivered exactly what was advertised, at a very high quality. Truth in advertising!
Gary Lundberg,
Copper Mountain Networks
"Very nice cathedral"
Perfect content; well organized, well paced, building block approach,
resulted in a very nice cathedral.
Jim George,
"Seminar workbook is outstanding"
Course was excellent! One of the best I have taken. Extremely well organized and presented. Seminar workbook is outstanding - a very valuable reference.
Kieran Delaney,
Maritime Life
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