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A Full Week of Training for Non‑Engineers for only $1995

  • Telecom, Datacom, IP and Networking
  • VoIP, SIP, Security, 5G and The Internet of Everything

Telecom BOOT CAMP covers the whole telecom and networking picture from fundamentals to future trends.

Fill all of the gaps, build a solid knowledge base, understand the jargon and get up to speed on the new technologies.

CTNS and CTA Certifications Included.

Five days of career- and productivity-enhancing training, with two detailed course reference books totaling over 600 pages and two TCO Certifications. $1995.

Seize this opportunity to get up to speed and fill in the gaps

This is the 5-day BOOT CAMP that hundreds of people have attended over the years... and it's constantly updated.

Take BOOT CAMP to get up to speed on the whole telecom and networking picture from A to Z, beginning with POTS and the PSTN, progressing through wireless telecom, data communications, The Cloud, Ethernet LANs, IP networking, MPLS, the Internet, then Voice over IP fundamentals, SIP and SIP Trunking, VoIP systems, security and upcoming technologies 5G wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT).

You'll have an advantage over the competition with this broad career-enhancing knowledge.

You'll be more effective and less frustrated, understanding the ensemble of communications technologies, the jargon, buzzwords and how it all works together.

This is an easy sell with management

Your increased efficiency, productivity and informed decision-making will repay the cost of the training many times over.

Plus, you save $395, and get free bonus Online Courses, as well as TCO CTNS and CTA Certifications, a $1390 value, making it an unbeatable value.

Register for this career-enhancing training today!

Course Overview

The week begins with Course 101, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers, three days of core training: the PSTN, wireless telecom, data communications, the Cloud, Ethernet and LANs, IP, networking, MPLS, and the Internet.

On Thursday and Friday, we build on this solid foundation with Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything, covering Voice over IP, SIP and SIP Trunking, VoIP systems, network security, computer security, information security, and finishing Friday afternoon with upcoming technologies: 5G wireless and the Internet of Everything: how everything from toasters to self-driving trucks to human brain implants will be online.

A comprehensive template for managing a VoIP project from RFPs to installation is included as a bonus chapter.

We'll cover the jargon and buzzwords, technologies and services, and most importantly, the underlying ideas and how everything fits together plain English.

You may register for just the first three days (listed separately as Course 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers) or just the last two days (Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything) as best meets your needs. But with the BOOT CAMP price savings of $395 compared to individual courses and wall-to-wall training, BOOT CAMP is a great opportunity.

Telecom BOOT CAMP Agenda

boot camp agenda
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: our acclaimed core training
Course 101: Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers

Day 1: Fundamentals of Telecom
· PSTN, loops and trunks, telecom equipment, telecom industry, digital, channelized TDM, fiber, wireless

Day 2: Understanding Datacom
· Datacom fundamentals, circuit types, packets and frames, modems, DSL, cable, the "Cloud", Ethernet LANs

Day 3: Understanding IP and Networking
· OSI Layers, protocol stacks, IP addressing, IPv6, routers, carrier packet networks, MPLS, Internet

Thursday and Friday: VoIP, SIP, Security and The Future
Course 130: Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT

Day 4: VoIP and SIP Fundamentals
· Jargon, buzzwords, VoIP system components, implementation choices, SIP and call setup, packetized voice quality

Day 5: SIP Trunking, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything
· SIP trunking, carriers, SLAs, QoS, Readiness Assessment, network and computer security, encryption, 5G and IoT

Detailed Outline

The detailed outline for BOOT CAMP is contained on the Course 101 and 130 pages, and in the printable PDF brochures:

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals needing to fill in the knowledge gaps, understand the buzzwords and jargon, popular technologies like LTE, Ethernet, TCP/IP and MPLS, VoIP and SIP, and most importantly, the underlying ideas… and how it all fits together.
  • Non-Engineering professionals who are in need of a solid knowledge base to be more effective in dealing with technology projects and technical personnel.
  • Anyone who needs a comprehensive overview of security risks, measures and best practices.
  • Anyone interested in the swiftly-approaching next generation telecom, including 5G wireless and all of the different aspects of the Internet of Everything.
  • Managers and planners.  Telecom system administrators.  Finance, tax and accounting personnel.  Software and support system developers.  Marketing, sales and business development personnel.
  • Decision-makers and project managers who need to understand what the "techies" are saying.
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate buzzword frustration, understand the concepts and how it all fits together.
  • Anyone willing to invest five days to obtain career-enhancing training, with two certifications and two reference books.

Why Attend Telecom BOOT CAMP - Besides The CTA Cert

Teracom's courses have been taught to wide acclaim across North America since 1992 and are designed for the professional needing to fill in the gaps, build a solid base of knowledge… and understand how it all fits together.

  1. Eliminate uncertainty and frustration in not knowing terms and technologies with a clear understanding of telecom, datacom and networking, VoIP, SIP and security fundamentals, components, systems, standards, jargon and buzzwords.
  2. Get two 300+ page high-quality bound student manuals / textbooks with detailed text notes, up-to-date and bringing together all of this information, impossible to find in one place anywhere else. 
  3. Get a free VoIP Service Quality Metrics and Thresholds poster.
  4. Cut through the jargon and vendor hype to get unbiased explanations of all of the mainstream choices for implementing telecom, allowing you to make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions.
  5. Get a broad overview of security: network security, machine security, OS security, app security, information security, communication security, the risks, measures and best practices.
  6. Get an advance on the swiftly-approaching "Next Generation" of technologies.  Find out what 5G wireless is going to be and how it will be used.  Explore all the ways that everything will be online in the future, in the Internet of Everything, from toasters to self-driving transport trucks.
  7. This course is specifically designed for Non‑Engineers: learn the fundamentals, concepts and underlying ideas – in plain English – and fill the gaps in your knowledge, without bogging down on details.
  8. Learn from the best.  Not only do Teracom's instructors consistently receive highest ratings on student evaluations and specific praise of their ability to get ideas across, our instructors hold Bachelor of Engineering degrees or equivalent and have decades of experience working in the field.
  9. Get two certifications, and six bonus online courses. The online CTA Certification and CTNS Certification Package Unlimited Plan are included. 
  10. Bonus: project management!  Get a comprehensive template for managing a VoIP project written by a Systems Engineer: how to do it the "right" way, from analyzing requirements to running trials, evaluating and selecting a vendor, rollout, acceptance testing and more.  Packed with practical tips and checklists you can use immediately.
Without bogging down on unnecessary details, understand the ideas, concepts, technologies and solutions, increasing your confidence and allowing you to make informed choices and meaningful comparisons – knowledge you can't get on the job, reading trade magazines or talking to vendors.

Tuition Fees

BOOT CAMP, the full week of training, consisting of both Course 101 and 130, is value priced at only $1995, including bonus CTA Certification Package and CTNS Certification Package, two course completion certificates and two 300+ page course books.

This is a savings of $1785 compared to the courses and certifications separately!

Teracom Advantages

  • Designed for Non‑Engineers
    Understand the jargon, buzzwords and technologies, underlying ideas and how it all works together, without bogging down on details.
  • Vendor Independent
    Core foundation knowledge that can be applied to any related project or system.
  • Value Pricing
    This five-day training is value priced at only $1995. Compare to $4995 for lower quality elsewhere!
  • High-quality course materials
    You will get two 300+ page high-quality course books with copies of all diagrams plus detailed notes, sure to be a valuable reference for years.
  • Certifications included
    Bonus CTA Certification and CTNS Certification Package included with every registration.

Reviews by Telecom BOOT CAMP Attendees

Hundreds of people like you have benefited from Teracom's training. Many tell us their Teracom course was their best course ever; filled gaps in their knowledge and tied everything together… knowledge they've been needing for years. Here's a sampling of reviews and comments from people who have taken this course:

"BOOT CAMP helped me do my job better. Instructor was a Subject Matter Expert in all areas. Excellent!"
- Barbara Hebron, Telecommunications Control Officer, US Army Southern Command

"It prepared me as a voice product manager who will be responsible for supporting SIP trunks and hosted PBX/IP Centrex offerings.  I was very pleased with the instructor, his explanations or technologies and friendly presentation style."
- John Kipps, Voice Product Manager, Time Warner Cable

"I now understand VoIP!  The instructor's knowledge and presentation were excellent.  He kept the course efficient, moving and entertaining."
- Rishi Malik, IS Audit Project Leader, FINRA

"This seminar was very beneficial to me.  I liked the breadth and depth of information.  The instructor's knowledge was excellent ++.  I appreciated his use of illustrations to explain complex ideas."
- Tye White, FAA

"Excellent across the board.  Helped tie up loose ends; have been working in telecom for the past 4 years with no real training or background.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter, and made the information exciting."
- John Cody, Commercial Communications Manager, US Air Force

Whether you work for an organization that produces telecom, datacom or networking products or services; or you buy these products and services - or just have to get up to speed on what all the rest of them are talking about when they say “SIP trunking”, “Ethernet”, “MAC frame”, “subnet”, “4G”, “MPLS”, “VPN”, “softswitch”, “call manager”, “RTP”, “G.711”, “SIP”, or “Transport Layer Security”…

"Five stars.  Gave me a thorough understanding of telecommunications.  The instructor was very thorough and interactive."
- Michelle Leesmann, Sales Analyst, CenturyLink

"Brought a complete picture of telecom voice and data together.  I liked most the explanation of old vs. new technology.  The instructor did a great job of bringing some complicated concepts into an easy to understand scenario."
- Dana Topping, Intelisys

"Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Provided me with better information on much needed topics, including VoIP we are moving to in the near future.  The best part was the knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor."
- Donald Parkin, Converter Tech CIT, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

"Gave me a much better understanding of VoIP & prepared me for transitioning.  The instructor did a great job of teaching a very complicated subject - answered every question asked."
- Connie Trowbridge, Jackson County

"Gained a great overview on a vast amount of telecom info that I needed to become knowledgeable on."
- Steve Shelton, USAA

Our Goal

Our goal is to bust the buzzwords, demystify jargon, understand technologies and mainstream solutions and - most importantly - the ideas underlying all of this, and how it all works together... knowledge you can't get on the job, talking to vendors or reading trade magazines.

How You Will Benefit

You'll gain a long-lasting, solid base of unbiased career-enhancing knowledge you can build on, an investment sure to be repaid many times over, increasing your confidence and productivity and eliminating jargon- and buzzword-related frustration.

Plus, you will receive two high-quality 300+ page course books –  valuable references packed with detailed notes, diagrams and practical explanations, with experience, tips and templates you can put to immediate use.

And - Certification is included: CTA Certification and CTNS Certification Package is included as a bonus with every registration.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

If you've read this far, you know by now that this is the training you've been looking for to fill the gaps and get on top of the whole telecom story from fundamentals to future technologies.  Coverage of all major topics, high-quality course materials, two certifications and certificates suitable for framing, two textbooks and value pricing... don't miss this opportunity. Invest in yourself and your career and register for BOOT CAMP now.

How to Register

Space in our seminars is limited, and may sell out, so please register as early as possible to reserve your place. You can register online or by phone:

Register online

• Register by phone at 1-877-412-2700

Once you register online or call us, we'll send your registration package by email, including a confirmation letter for you to sign and fax back to complete your registration. There is no obligation until you return the signed confirmation letter and you can cancel anytime up to two weeks before the course with no penalty.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as checks, purchase orders, ACH and wire transfers, and most debit cards via PayPal.

Bring This Course To Your Location

In addition to scheduled public seminars, since 1992, we have provided high-quality on-site training at 3Com, Qualcomm, Intel, Cisco, Nortel, AT&T, Alcatel, Kyocera, T-Mobile, Ericsson/Hewlett-Packard, Verizon, MindSpring, APEX Telecom, Equifax, Transamerica Insurance, CNA Insurance, the US Air Force, Bell Canada, TELUS, Cap Gemini, ComSec Establishment, MicroCell, TDS Telecom, Western Wireless... to name a few.

Onsite training has special advantages:
• Your personnel will be up to a common speed with a solid knowledge base.
• We'll fill in the gaps and put in place productivity-enhancing structured understanding.
• The seminar will be a strong team-building exercise.
• Significant reductions in training costs are often achieved.
• Each student receives a detailed workbook / textbook that will be a valuable reference for years to come.

We have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality team-training programs that are a resounding success. We would love to do the same for you!  Hold a private onsite course with as few as 7 people!

Please contact us at 1-877-412-2700 or visit the onsite training page for more information.

Technical Level and Intended Audience

Our telecom training has been taught to wide acclaim across North America since 1992 and is designed for the non‑engineering professional needing an overview and update, and for those new to the business needing to get up to speed quickly on telecommunications, data communications, IP, MPLS, wireless, networking, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, SIP and security.

Our emphasis is conveying the key concept-level knowledge in plain English - which you can't get reading trade magazines or talking to vendors. We put in place a solid, valuable and long-lasting understanding. It is our goal to bust the buzzwords, demystify the jargon, and cut through the double-talk to present a clear, cohesive picture.

Teracom's proven instructor-led telecom training courses have been developed and refined over more than twenty years providing training for organizations including AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm, the CIA, NSA, IRS, FAA, US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and hundreds of others. These courses are top-notch, top-quality and right up to date with the topics and knowledge you need.

Our GSA Contract for supplying this training to the United States Government is your assurance of approved quality and value.


gsa schedule contract GS-02F-0053X

Quality you can trust

Benefit from decades of knowledge, insight and experience distilled into clear lessons designed for non‑engineers, logically organized to build one concept on another… in plain English. Join our thousands of satisfied customers including:

we provide training to at&t             we provide training to verizon             we provide training to Bell Canada             microsoft             we provide training to intel             we provide training to cisco             GSA contract holder - pre-approved pricing and quality - supplier to the US Government             cox cable            

and the FBI Training Academy, US Marine Corps Communications School, US Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, the NSA and CIA, IRS, FAA, DND, CRA, CRTC, RCMP, banks, power companies, police forces, manufacturers, government, local and regional telcos, broadband carriers, individuals, telecom planners and administrators, finance, tax and accounting personnel and many more from hundreds of companies. Teracom's GSA Contract GS-02F-0053X for supplying this training to the United States Government is your assurance of approved quality and value.

Who Will Benefit

Our specialty is explaining telecom technologies to Non‑Engineers who need a comprehensive overview and update, as well as for newcomers who need to get up to speed quickly.

Since 1992, we've spent thousands of hours developing and refining extremely valuable telecommunications, data communications, IP, network and Voice over IP training courses containing knowledge that spans years of university education, hands-on engineering, consulting and interaction with the biggest companies in the business.

We've organized and distilled this knowledge into proven training courses that consistently draws rave reviews from people like you:

• Non‑Engineers needing to build a solid base of knowledge, understand the jargon and buzzwords, fill in the gaps and understand mainstream technologies and trends... and how it all fits together.

• Decision-makers, managers and anyone else who wants to understand what the "techies" are saying.

• Finance, marketing, sales and business development personnel who are in need of a solid knowledge base to be more effective in dealing with technology projects and technical personnel.

• Anyone who wants to eliminate jargon- and buzzword-related frustration, understand telecom and networking concepts and how it all fits together.

• Anyone willing to invest a few days to obtain career-enhancing training, with TCO Certification and reference book.


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