Training Request Form Letter / Template

Here is text you can use for a training request to your boss, requesting permission to register for the telecom BOOT CAMP.

We asked one of our copywriters to write convincing text for you to use when requesting to get this training from your boss.

Feel free to cut-and-paste parts of this or the whole thing into an email request to your boss.  Don't forget to change it to your information where it says things like "Dear [Your boss’s name]" (!)

You can also modify this text to be a request for Course 101, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers, which is the first three days of BOOT CAMP, or Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT, the last two days; or with a bit of editing, a request to get the DVD Library or the online CTNS Certification Package.

Our hope is these well-laid out reasons will help you get approval for the training you need and deserve!  Good luck!

P.S. Here is the schedule if you need dates and locations.


Dear [Your boss’s name],

I need to get formal training on telecom to do my job effectively, and to that end, I would like to request permission to attend Teracom Training Institute's telecom BOOT CAMP seminar in [City] the week of [Start Date].  

Teracom Training Institute specializes in telecommunications training for non-engineering professionals, and is the leader in this kind of training. Type "telecommunications training" or "voip training" into Google and Teracom usually comes up #1 in the organic search results. They've been doing this kind of training since 1992, and by all accounts are very good at it.

They have a GSA contract for this training, which I understand means they have been thoroughly vetted.

This training will improve my productivity, accuracy and efficiency... so I can bring greater value to the organization.

I have learned some things technology-wise "on the job"; but am frustrated by gaps in my knowledge, especially when people start speaking in jargon and buzzwords at project meetings then ask me if I agree.

Here is the five-day outline:

Day 1: Telecom fundamentals, the telecom business and mobile
Day 2: Data communications: packets, frames and networks
Day 3: IP addressing, routers and MPLS
Day 4: VoIP and SIP fundamentals and technologies
Day 5: Security, 5G and IoT

TCO Certifications Certified Telecommunications Analyst (CTA) and Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) are also included, as well as the CTNS online courses for future reference.

This is the training I need. It will give me a solid base, fill in gaps and get me up to speed on the jargon, technologies and standard practices across the board.

Besides alleviating the frustrating jargon and buzzwords situation, it makes good business sense for me to attend. This training will make me more accurate - understanding the big picture, the ensemble of technologies and how they relate - and this can only make me (and therefore you) more productive and save the organization money.

The in-class discussions and case studies are also an excellent opportunity for me to discuss our situation and find out what others are doing.

Their tuition is only $1995 for five days of professional training. I checked around and found other companies charge $4995 for the same thing!

The content is listed at

Monday to Wednesday is their "core training", following the outline of Course 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers.

Thursday and Friday is Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT.


Please let me know if I can get this training.


Thank you,

[your name]



Here is some text you can use to explain why you need to attend a live, in-person instructor-led training class.  


Live, in-person training in a seminar, where you can ask questions and interact, is the best you can get. Discuss and understand the latest technology and industry news in-class. At lunch, you can discuss your situation with class members, and find out what others are implementing. Attendees often network and go to dinner together.

Being in a classroom, with an expert instructor, also ensures that you will stay focused, and learn. If you are often distracted at your desk, will you learn much with screen-based training?  Would you learn more out of the office?

BOOT CAMP has been tuned and refined over the course of twenty years – and constantly updated, to be the current knowledge set needed by anyone serious in the telecom business.