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 •  Platooning: 5G and The Superhighway of the Future
 •  Instructor Richard Olsen named Senior Member of the IEEE
 •  Join Richard July 11-13 in Dallas for Course 101
 •  Seminar schedule through October
 •   Free bonus course Fundamentals of Voice over IP with CTNS
 •   Package deal: CTNS and CWA for $249
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Platooning: 5G and The Superhighway of the Future
platooning and 5G

Here's an illustration of a lane of commuters choosing to enjoy the benefits of "platooning:" the next generation of highway technology.

A platoon is a line of cars very close together traveling (by definition) at exactly the same speed. Since they are so close together, platooning greatly decreases the wind resistance and greatly increases the density of cars on the highway.

A platoon is like a railroad train - but connections between the cars are not made of steel, they are made of data messages (!), and each car uses its own engine and brakes.

Two significant advantages to platooning are

  1. Saving money, and
  2. Saving money:

The vehicles in the platoon save money by using less energy thanks to drafting, well-known to race car drivers and Canada Geese alike.
The wind resistance, and so the cost of the energy needed to overcome it, is greatly diminished for the cars in the body of the platoon compared to driving solo.

The government saves money by increasing the capacity of existing highways - without pouring any concrete.

Not to mention the drivers' pleasure at zipping past everyone else stuck in traffic.

To make this happen safely, the cars will have on-board sensors and control of speed and direction. But they must also communicate messages to each other, to inform of changing conditions, particularly life-threatening ones.

One implementation would be for vehicles to communicate one to the next, relaying messages up and down the line. This has obvious problems with reliability and delay. A better solution is to give each vehicle a radio link to a centralized control system.

This link, requiring many users, high bandwidth and relatively low latency, is one of the applications of 5G.

The image above does not illustrate the "final answer". The red jeep is the platoon leader, but there are solo vehicles on the road. The central control system will close the gap between the red jeep and the solo car ahead, and the gap between the solo car and the truck. The truck will become the new platoon leader... at least until the next exit.

- - -

This discussion takes place on Friday afternoon, as the end of BOOT CAMP. We cover all of the fundamentals and jargon Monday through Friday morning, and save these kind of interesting discussions of the Future to end BOOT CAMP on Friday afternoon. Join us!

Join us at BOOT CAMP

Instructor Richard Olsen named Senior Member of the IEEE

We're pleased to announce that Teracom instructor Richard Olsen has been named a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Richard Olsen, B.Eng., P.E., Senior Member IEEE    

The IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, is the most important scientific and professional organization in telecommunications.

The IEEE Transactions on Communications is the primary "peer-reviewed scientific journal" where people publish papers on advances in scientific knowledge in telecom. The IEEE has many technical committees and working groups, and publishes widely-adopted standards including the 802 LAN standards.

Richard adds Senior Member of the IEEE to his Bachelor of Engineering degree and license as a Professional Engineer, his 30+ years experience working at Southwestern Bell and most importantly, his fantastic ability to convey knowledge to non-engineers in seminars. He is often rated 5 stars across the board in evaluations.

We're very proud of you Richard, congratulations!

Richard is teaching Course 101 in Dallas July 11-13.

Join him for this career-enhancing training !

Don't mess with Texas!  Course 101 in Dallas July 11-13
Course 101 in Texas: Dallas July 11-13 2017

Course 101

Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers is our famous core training - an intensive three-day course for non-engineering professionals, getting you up to speed on virtually all aspects of telecom, datacom and networking, from fundamentals and jargon to the latest technologies.

Thousands of people  who needed to be more effective in understanding and dealing with telecom and networking have benefited from this course.

This core training - and our superb instructors - consistently receive rave reviews on evaluations. Many attendees tell us that this is training they wish they'd had years ago!

Join instructor Richard Olsen for three days in the classroom, with a 350‑page course book with detailed text notes, TCO CTA and CTNS certifications and course completion certificate. 

how to register
Public Seminar Schedule through October 2017
Join us for this productivity- and career-enhancing training!
July 11 - 13 Dallas TX 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
August 21 - 25 Washington DC BOOT CAMP
August 21 - 23 Washington DC 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
August 24 - 25 Washington DC 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything
September 18 ‑ 22 Miami Beach FL BOOT CAMP
September 18 - 20 Miami Beach FL 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
September 21 - 22 Miami Beach FL 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything
October 16 - 20 Santa Clara CA BOOT CAMP
October 16 - 18 Santa Clara CA 101 Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
October 19 - 20 Santa Clara CA 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and the Internet of Everything

If you have seven or more people, it is cost-effective to bring us to you: hold a private "onsite" course for your team .
Get everyone up to the same speed, with a common vocabulary and reference book.  No travel costs!   more info

Special - Course 2221 Fundamentals of Voice over IP free with CTNS Certification Package!
Course 2221 Fundamentals of Voice over IP - Introduction
CTNS Certification Package

Course Fundamentals of Voice over IP free with CTNS Certification Package!

Get Course 2221 Fundamentals of Voice over IP in addition to the six CTNS core courses, a $49 value at no extra charge.

This is a free upgrade to the CTNS package!

Purchase CTNS first, then as a second transaction, purchase Fundamentals of Voice over IP and apply coupon 1261 to reduce the price to zero.

This upgrade is offered to all purchasers of product L4210 CTNS Certification Package Unlimited Plan.

Instructions for getting the free bonus course

Package deal: CTNS and CWA for $249
CTNS Certification Package
Course 2221 Fundamentals of Voice over IP - Introduction

Package deal: Get the CTNS Certification Package and CWA Certification package for $249, a savings of over $100!

Add both to your cart then apply coupon 1258 to get the discount.

This upgrade is offered to all purchasers of product L4210 CTNS Certification Package Unlimited Plan.

Instructions for getting the package deal

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