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SIP Trunking Tutorial
"We Like to Travel"
pescadaro state beach tide pool

redwood forest
"We like to travel" -- comment made by a participant at a recent seminar.
For many people with good jobs, training is part of the job - including traveling for it.
... and some people appreciate taking courses in interesting places so they can stay an extra day for a side trip.
In that spirit, here are a couple of outstanding free places to visit close to the Santa Clara BOOT CAMP
1. Pescadero Beach . Just over the mountains that separate Silicon Valley from the Pacific Ocean is Pescadero Beach State Park and the Northern California coastline . The best part are the tide pools full of interesting things like anemones.
If you are a good driver, Pescadero Creek Road is special. Bonus: drive past Neil Young's 9-square-mile ranch .
2. Redwood forest . The Big Basin Redwoods State Park is very close by, and is a wonderful place to hike and regain your zen.
Telecom BOOT CAMP - Silicon Valley
Course 101 Broadband, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non‑Engineers
followed by Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT
is a full week Telecom BOOT CAMP.
boot camp
Seize this opportunity to get up to speed and fill in the gaps
You'll gain an advantage with solid knowledge of telecom, datacom and networking plus VoIP, SIP and project management.
You'll be more effective and less frustrated, understanding the ensemble of communications technologies, the jargon, buzzwords and how it all works together.
learn more
This is an easy sell with management.
Your increased efficiency, productivity and informed decision-making will repay the cost of the training many times over. Plus, you benefit from a special discount, and get the free bonus Online Courses, CTNS and CTA Certifications, making it an unbeatable value.
Attending both courses as the 5-day BOOT CAMP is totally optional. You are welcome to attend one course, or the other, or both, as best meets your needs. But with the low incremental cost and wall-to-wall training, BOOT CAMP is a great opportunity.   how to register
register for CTNS
Tutorial: SIP Trunking
One of the newest service offerings from carriers is SIP Trunking. Like many, many other pieces of jargon in the business, many people would like to understand just what exactly it is.
SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol. This is a standards-based method of setting up Voice over IP telephone calls.
A key thing to know about Voice over IP phone calls is that once the call is set up and two people are talking, their telephones exchange IP packets with digitized speech in them directly. One person's telephone creates an IP packet and puts the IP address of the other person's telephone in the destination address field. This packet is forwarded by routers directly to the other person's phone.
To be able to do this, it is necessary to know what the other person's IP address is! This is the main function performed by SIP: it is an assistant to enable a caller to find out the IP address of the called party's telephone, so they can send packets with digitized speech to that person's phone.
Trunking is a term that has been generally used in the telecom business in the past to mean communication between telephone switches. Trunks connect CO switches, toll centers and other switches in the PSTN. PBX trunks connect an organization's private switch to a CO switch.
This term has been adapted by the marketing department as SIP Trunking to mean native communication of SIP call setup and Voice over IP traffic between an organization's locations, with a Service Level Agreement and transmission characteristics sufficient to guarantee the sound quality.
Native means carrying the IP packets without converting them to an old-fashioned telephone call. The IP packets in question are at first carrying SIP call setup messages, then once the call is set up, the IP packets each contain typically 20 ms of digitized speech.
This replaces the previous PBX trunks. It would be more accurate to refer to this new service as "SIP and Voice over IP Trunking" - but that doesn't sound quite as slick as "SIP Trunking".
To learn more, attend Telecom BOOT CAMP , or just the last two days of BOOT CAMP, which are listed separately as Course 130 Voice over IP, SIP, Security, 5G and IoT
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